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Tetris Effect Slated to Hit PS VR This November

Take a dive into the mesmerizing world of Tetris Effect, and enjoy the wonders of its classic play in an other-worldly modern setting for the PSVR!


The widely anticipated revolutionized version of what could possibly be the most popular video game ever finally sets its official release date. Enhance studios has recently announced that Tetris Effect is slated for its big release for PS4 and PS VR (PlayStation VR) on November 9th!

To top off this announcement, the studio had unveiled a short brilliant teaser trailer showing the reveal. Spectacular and lustrous, the trailer serves to further increase the hype, and build anticipation for what is essentially a game of bright blocks in the realm of PS VR.

Tetris Effect was a massive undertaking that took Tetsuya Mizuguchi and the team of developers at Resonair and Monstars six whole years to come to fruition. That fact actually sounds kind of strange when you think about it. After all, this is Tetris. It’s definitely not a new game in a technical sense, the mechanics are universally familiar to almost anyone, and programming blocks literally isn’t rocket science.

But, as anyone who couldn’t stop rewatching the awe-inspiring hype trailer already knows, there’s just so much more. There’s a lot more to this seemingly simple stack ’o blocks game than meets the eye. For one thing, the environment is hardly simple. We’re shown this immensely wide and colorful world with patterns of lights and sparkles and things revolving around like you’re in some unidentified dimension in outer space. It is as if you’re in a perpetual state of “psychoactive euphoria”, so to speak.

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Oh, and let us not forget that all of this will be available in glorious VR. Indeed, it’s not available for the PS VR just for you to consistently score four-line-Tetrises with. You are literally inside the game. You’re no longer simply mashing buttons on your faded Game Boy. All that mesmerizing lights and sounds (yes, sounds) are all around as you stack those blocks. And that presumably includes the trippy and time-bendy zone gauge mechanic that sets the game to combo overdrive.

If you own PS VR, no need to fret. Tetris Effect on a regular big screen can be just as eye-popping as its VR version. Again, this is Tetris after all. There are no negative gimmicks, no hidden downsides. Just pure, Pajitnov-esque block-stacking fun.

Tetris Effect may be still a month away, but there’s already a lot of content online to watch if you want a good preview of the game in VR.

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