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VR Technology Holiday Events and Sales

It’s not too late for you to get some festive content and discount games and services. Check out some Vive and Oculus special holiday sales and software releases.

Whether there’s VR technology over your eyes or under your tree, there’s room for it in your holidays. Everyone is trying to show their holiday spirit (and reap the holiday profits) and VR companies are no different.

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Many VR companies have held a host of short-term “flash-sales” that have been too brief and too sudden for us to even let you know about them. You should still keep an eye on emails and blogs from your favorite producers between now and the end of the holiday season to get the best deals.

Let’s take a look at a couple of longer-term holiday VR technology events that you still have time to take advantage of.

One of the most exciting VR technology events this holiday season was announced via email to Viveport subscribers. Viveport is the platform used by HTC, but the following sale has benefits for users of other hardwares and platforms including Oculus. So, even if you don’t use HTC, keep reading.

If you aren’t a subscriber, don’t worry; you don’t have to be a subscriber to get the sales. Aside from that, newsletter subscribing is free and easy — just make sure to mark the emails so they don’t turn up in your junkmail.


Vive Offers Huge Holiday Sale on VR Titles

There are two main sales that were announced in the email. The first of these is a huge sale on games and apps. We’re talking as much as 95 percent off of popular titles like Moss, and inners of the 2018 Viveport Developer Awards, including Heart of the Emberstone and Overview.

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VR technology, like headsets, is expensive, and VR titles can be expensive too. Free and cheap titles are a good way to get into VR but they aren’t the greatest experience out there. This sale is a great way to get reduced-price access to more expensive — and more promising — titles.

Some of the best news isn’t just the sale but the versatility. Many of the titles available through Viveport are compatible with other platforms including Oculus and Windows. That means that you can get in on this sale without using HTC VR technology. Be careful, however. Not all of the titles available on Viveport are compatible with other platforms, so be sure to double-check before you use these sales for non-HTC VR technology.


Vive Also Offers Cheap Subscriptions and a Free Gift from Steam

The VR technology Holiday event is a major sale for users with Viveport subscription plans. You can choose from a few different tiers of subscriptions that bring different benefits. There is also a “free subscription”, however, it  is only a two-week trial. You can still get a lot of value out of that trial period, especially during the holidays, but it will run out. More advanced subscriptions for longer terms will cost you.

That cost will be reduced, however, if you sign up between December 19 and January 3. You’ll also get a free Steam code for a surprise title.


Oculus Releases Holiday Items for Home and Avatars

The holiday sales discussed above are both offered by Vive. That doesn’t mean that Oculus users need to rely on Vive for their holiday cheer, however.

Oculus published a blog post late last week revealing that they do have some festive content coming out.

The first of these updates is holiday-inspired but you can benefit from it year-round. With the new “Wishlist” feature in the store, you can add titles from the “coming soon” category that you’re looking forward to and receive notifications in your inbox as soon as they are released, or whenever they are included in special sales.

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Oculus also has new festive releases for your Oculus Home and Avatar. Holiday-themed releases include rugs, decorations, and festive clothing including elf hats and holiday sweaters.


Oculus VR Headsets and Software Packages Sales

Oculus came in late with an email announcement to subscribers over the weekend announcing a sale lasting until December 23.

The big announcement regards price cuts for VR technology hardware, including Rift for under $400 and Go for $180. Neither of those sales are actually big price cuts but they do make the hardware more affordable.

What may be more exciting are sales on software packages. An Essentials for Oculus Go package comes with six titles including Wander with Friends. A larger Essentials for Oculus Rift package includes twelve titles including StarTrek: Bridge Crew, Marvel: Powers United, and Moss.

Unfortunately, VR companies tend to keep holiday sales short to encourage their users to check in more frequently. The good news is that with these exciting sales and releases from Vive and Oculus, it’s not too late to find VR technology to help you celebrate the season.

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