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Marvel Powers United VR – the Virtual Reality Game for Superhero Fans Is Here!

The virtual reality game that turns you into Spiderman, Hulk or Captain Marvel, is officially launched!


You heard it from us first (ok, maybe not all of you, but many) – back in February we shared a list of the best upcoming virtual reality games and now one of the most awaited titles was officially released: Marvel Powers United VR is available on the Rift content platform. In this game players can become their favorite heroes – or villains – and save the world or show off their super powers in epic mashups.

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Top Super Heroes Join The Virtual Reality Game

Marvel Powers United VR virtual reality game was launched with a starting roster of 18 different characters that players can choose from. They are not only the best known positive heroes, such as Spiderman, Batman and Captain America, but also some of the most epic villains in the Marvel universe: Loki, Madame Hydra, Thanos and Magneto among others.

Marvel Powers Unite VR

Players can choose to engage in action on their own or join their friends for rescue missions across the universe, in distant galaxies. The game features smart locomotion and intuitive moves, two characteristics that help boost the realism factor for each individual character. Once they put on the VR headset and start the game, the players will really feel what it is like to be a superhero, capable of immense strength, lightning fast running speed, climbing walls and flying through the air.

Various Play Modes and Tons of Features to Unlock

Marvel Powers United VR is a virtual reality game that feels as exciting to play in single player mode as it is with a team of friends. There are various story and action lines available for each character and the players can decide whether they want to join a squad and achieve various goals or get involved in individual skirmishes.

No matter what they choose, each player wins points and experience with every minute of game play and little by little the can unlock extra features such as customizations for their character, armors, weapons, new powers, etc. This will certainly unleash the competitive spirit in every player, until their hero reaches their best abilities and most advanced powers.

A Growing Trend – the Gamification of the Movie Industry

The concept of turning movie and comic book heroes into interactive game characters is not new. Every fan of the Marvel characters dreamed of becoming their favorite hero or villain for a little while. The cosplay events organized across the world prove that there is an insatiable appetite for make-believe – bringing movies and special effects into the everyday world.

Virtual reality made this concept possible – not just dressing up in a costume, but actually moving and acting like the favorite character and getting the most realistic experience of fighting battles for good or evil.

The new virtual reality game featuring Marvel characters, and now available on Rift, will undoubtedly turn into a successful franchise, with more titles coming up, more characters ready for action and more surprises.

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