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Canadian Studio to Launch Engaging Free-Roam VR Experience Scarygirl Mission Maybee

Dark Slope closed $1.5 million seed funding and promises to take their VR experience all over the world.

An engaging free-roam VR experience will be available starting February 28, in Toronto, Canada. The attraction is called Scarygirl Mission Maybee and is based on a graphic novel Scarygirl, created by artist Nathan Jurevicius. The creators of the VR experience are Dark Slope, a 1-year old VR/AR developer.

Scarygirl Character

A Remarkable Progress for a Young Start-Up

Raja Khanna Executive Chairman Dark Slope
Raja Khanna, Executive Chairman, Dark Slope

Dark Slope was founded in January 2018. One year later, the company successfully closed $1.5 million in seed funding and prepares to launch their first major product. The team will use the funds to “add new staff, develop the company’s free roam technology and its enterprise product line, and to support the release of future VR and AR experiences.” The large-scale free-roam VR experience takes advantage of the growing interest for location-based entertainment and the popularity of graphic action novels.

Speaking of the upcoming launch, the Executive Chairman of Dark Slope, Raja Khanna, said in a press release:

“The timing is right, and the team at Dark Slope are the best of the best. I am proud to work alongside this group and equally proud to welcome our new investors, and Steven in particular, into the fold.”

As part of the seed funding arrangement, Steven DeNure, the co-founder and former president of DHX Media has joined the Dark Slope board. The AR/VR developers plan to use the funds to take the VR experience all over the world, expand their staff and develop new products.

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Supporters in the seed funding rounds include Canadian government agencies Ontario Creates and Canada Media Fund.

Young Company, Experienced Founders

The fast-track growth of Dark Slope is the result of the talents that formed it. The top executives, President CJ Hervey and COO Dan Fill have an extensive experience in digital content creation and entertainment. Executive Chairman Raja Khana has a background in media and television. And Technical Director Ben Unsworth previously held an executive position at a creative technology company.


Also, in order to improve the chances of success for their upcoming VR experience, Dark Slope co-opted artist Nathan Jurevicius. He is the one who created the Scarygirl Mission Maybee concept for a graphic book and a designer toy.

An Exciting Action Story Becomes a Full-Scale VR Experience

CJ Hervey President Dark Slope
CJ Hervey, President, Dark Slope

The storyline is translated into a multiplayer VR experience for up to 4 people. Dark Slope built the experience from ground up for a large-scale free-roam environment. In the game, players have to save the world from diabolical Dr. Maybee.

The purpose of the game is to absorb as much infectious goo as possible and to purify it. Then, players have to throw the purified goo at Dr. Maybee’s evil creatures and annihilate them.

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This is a first-person VR experience where players have to work together to complete the mission. Hervey, President and co-founder of Dark Slope, explained:

“Scarygirl Mission Maybee showcases our hyper-focus on developing multiplayer free-roam VR and AR experiences that bring people together in immersive worlds. We’re excited for audiences to come and be among the first to experience Scarygirl Mission Maybee and to witness how incredible free-roam multiplayer VR can be.”

Are You Ready for Scarygirl Mission Maybee VR Experience?

Scarygirl Mission MaybeeIf the answer is yes, then you can visit Scarygirl VR and be among the first to enjoy the VR experience. The attendance fee is CAD $30 per person.

The VR experience lasts for around 20-25 minutes. However, you should arrive at the venue 1 hour earlier to receive training in using the VR equipment. While the game does not have a minimum age limit, due to technical specifications of the equipment players must be at least 4’8” tall.

The Scarygirl Mission Maybee VR experience will be available in other countries around the globe later this year.


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