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CNN Begins Broadcasting News with an App for Magic Leap One

Magic Leap announces that the Magic Leap One will have its own CNN news app.

Magic Leap and CNN have announced that the news outlet has its own application for Magic Leap One mixed reality glasses. Starting on February 28th, the news network started live coverage and on-demand video content.

Magic Leap Welcomes CNN

Watching the news as you sip on your first cup of coffee for the day or as you eat your lunch is something to look forward to. This will become a part of your daily life if you’ve got the Magic Leap One.

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The glasses use your eye and a digital image to process light. They put a layer of mixed reality content over what users already see around them. Interestingly, it doesn’t entirely block out reality.

The spatial computing platform comes with two lens displays. The display allows its wearers to resize 2D images and news screens to their liking.

Content can be made larger and take up the full eye line or leave some room to engage with the world. They designed it along with a single controller that interacts with the display.

Magic Leap CNN mixed reality

Live and On-Demand Content

Plenty of mixed reality news from Magic Leap has been popping up in feeds across the internet. Headlines show that The Magicverse is maturing and evolving.

This year, they’ve collaborated with 5G network SK Telecom, launched Star Wars: Project Porg experience, and organized a 5-day hackathon. They’ve also dabbled in gaming experiences like Angry Birds and Luna: Moondust Garden.

Now, spatial users with these mixed reality glasses can do more than just watch the news. They’ll become a part of “the center of today’s top stories with Live CNN, CNNi and HLN, on-demand shows and digital exclusives”, says Magic Leap in their blog post.

Since the world is in constant flux, those that want to stay current with world events won’t have to rely on their phones.

The mixed reality glasses will provide “interactive data layers and live feeds” too. Their post reports that viewers will watch domestic and international news coverage, as well as some hard-hitting programming by HLN.

More to Come

The mixed reality company must have an affinity for news apps. Last year, Magic Leap started streaming live video and financial news from Cheddar. The addition of the veteran 24-hour news network CNN makes it the second app added to the platform.

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With last week’s announcement, the company says they’ll “be releasing new features soon that further showcase the immersive capabilities in spatial computing to give users more opportunities to explore, experience and engage with bolder forms of storytelling.”

The news outlet has been running since 1980 and is known for its coverage of global events, politics, entertainment, sports, business, opinion pieces, and more. Getting immersed in stories as well as revisiting past and learning about real-time events will be riveting with Magic Leap.


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