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Sword Fight White Walkers in Game of Thrones VR and MR Experiences

White Walkers appear at AT&T flagship stores.


With the series coming to a close, all eyes are on Game of Thrones. With the Night King and his army of White Walkers dead, fans of the show can see a digital White Walker up close. There are new MR and VR Game of Thrones experiences by Framestore and HBO. Head into 3 AT&T locations from now until June 10 to see the experiences for yourself.

Game of Thrones Experiences Push Boundaries with Technology

If you’re in Chicago, Boston, or San Francisco, go to AT&T’s flagship stores for a Game of Thrones experience. The three locations have a VR experience called “Beyond the Wall” and a MR Encounter named “The Dead Must Die” by Magic Leap. Protect the Iron Throne by becoming a battle-worn character in these experiences.

Game of Thrones has had the VR treatment before with Framestore’s “Ascend the Wall” and “Defend The Wall” experiences. With unique storytelling and VFX, fans traveled to Castle Black and its famous Wall without leaving the venue.

The former expanded the bounds of reality with 360-degree views of the North, an epic walk along The Wall, and thrilling twist of events. While the latter gave fans a virtual bow and arrow to defend the castle as it’s attacked by boulders.

With each new spatial experience, interactivity and set detail expanded along with the evolving VR headset and MR glasses. “Each experience transforms the world around the participant in a unique expression of the technology used to create it,” said Framestore Creative Director, David Estis.

Sabrina Caluori, Executive Vice President of Digital and Social Marketing at HBO said:

“Year after year, they have inspired us to push the boundaries of innovation and technology, delivering experiences that consistently wow and mesmerize audiences.”

Fight the Dead with VR and MR

Want to know what it’s like to be Jon Snow? The “Beyond the Wall” experience puts a flaming sword in the hands of fans. The event uses HTC Vive headsets and content made with Unreal Engine.

Using controllers, the event tests guests sword skills with a battle against a wight bear and a bombardment of White Walkers. VR brings what’s imagined on screen to life with a headset. In this case, fans become zombie slayers.

wight bear Game of Thrones VR and MR experiences

To add action-packed cinematic FX, the entire experience morphs into a 4D extrasensory experience. How? With the addition of a motion floor and weather effects like wind, cold, and heat (without dragons).

The Magic Leap experience “The Dead Must Die” is a Unity-built MR adventure. Once guests put on the MR glasses their environment goes from an AT&T store to King’s Landing in an instant. With the help of real set pieces and animatronics, a White Walker emerges from a crate. Like the TV show, fans fight the dead.

game of thrones VR and MR experiences

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We reached out to Framestore to see if fans would be able to buy the Game of Thrones experiences for home use. They told ARPost that they are “exclusively attractions available at the select AT&T stores.”


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