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Automotive Research VR and AR app, RelayCars, Announces Updates

RelayCars announces 8th version of its app for making vehicle purchasing decisions.ei


Buying a car is a big decision so it makes sense to get all the help that you can get. One app giving people a little extra help is RelayCars. RelayCars is a VR and AR app that lets buyers get to know the car that they’re buying before they sign the check.

Relay cars has been around for a while. However, they’ve now rolled out a fleet of new updates particularly for the AR app.

About RelayCars

AR app RelayCars

RelayCars is a free VR and AR app for people in the market for a new car. The AR app is available on Apple and Android but also runs on Steam, Oculus Go, Gear, Daydream, and Microsoft.

The VR version puts you behind the seat of hundreds of cars so users can decide on the right fit without going to a showroom.

For users without a compatible VR headset, the AR app works on mobile devices. Launched this winter, the Magic Window View AR feature doesn’t give the same intimate experience of test driving a vehicle that the VR version does. However, it still gives interior and exterior views of hundreds of vehicles. By bringing the showroom to you, you can window shop in your home with just a phone.

RelayCars AR app car interior

Models are made through a collaboration with Evox Images, a company specializing in 3D imaging for the motor industry.


The New Update

The eighth version of the RelayCars app was announced last week. It’s the eight update of the app’s VR features, and the first update of its AR features.

“Every RelayCars app update we present is developed with the car shopper and their experience in mind,” Evox Images COO, Gina Callari, said in the press release. “As the use of AR continues to grow, our newest update is intended to present a more seamless way for users to find their future car through realistic technology.”

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The new update includes 20 new models including vehicles by Ford, BMR, Lexus, Toyota, Nisan, Audi, Mercedes, Masaradi and Alfa Romeo. The update also includes patches to make accessing certain views and scaling 3D models easier for the user. Finally, the new updates will allow users to share screen captures featuring 3D models of vehicles that they are debating buying. This feature will allow them to get the opinions of friends and family over social media before deciding on a purchase.

RelayCars AR app

Seeing a car is an early step in buying it. However, going out to see one can be a hassle. Approaching the yard without knowing exactly what you want is an invitation to aggressive and predatory sales personnel. Of course, you can’t buy cars through RelayCars. But what you can do is learn exactly what you’re looking for, before you head out to the dealer. That makes RelayCars one more use case for AR technology as a growing part of our everyday lives.

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