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AR Apps Changing Education

AR is going to be one of the biggest educational trends for iGeneration. Are there already-functioning products?


Guest Post


Scientists predict that by 2025, nearly 2 billion of the population will consist of the Generation Alpha or the iGeneration. Children born after 2010 are expected to be strongly infused by technology. They can’t imagine life without Apple, Google, and apps, so education must adapt to their new perception patterns. As usual, app developers are the first ones who notice these things. Let’s take a look at what AR technology they offer.

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CoSpaces Edu

cospaces edu AR appThis AR system isn’t just a game with educational potential. CoSpaces Edu is a full-scale technology meant to enable both teachers and students to design and animate 3D world with augmented reality instruments. It combines gamification with the basics of coding enhancing memorization and understanding. As a result, the entire system avoids outdated consumption learning giving a path for genuine creativity.

Being free from strict judgment, children feel more fluent and raise productivity dramatically. Schools and even universities can integrate this AR environment to study through interactive stories, game programming, physical simulation experiments, virtual tours, and exhibitions. It’s already adaptable to subjects like language, literature, social sciences, arts, and IT. You can come up with new ideas anytime.

Catchy Words AR

AR app catchy words

Though Catchy Words AR app isn’t as complex and deep as CoSpaces Edu, it has similar ideas behind. Word puzzles aren’t just a fun way to kill time for adults, but also an excellent vocabulary training for children of all ages.

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This AR app moves classic letter-filling gameplay into a colorful 3D space that fits any room. It looks incredibly simple but has a considerable impact on the way kids learn new vocabulary and spelling. They have to walk around the room to catch characters with their device as if it was a butterfly net. Then, place them into squares that hang in the middle of a room.


curiscope augmented reality appThis AR app aims to provide a detailed look into the human body. Curiscope AR system is distributed with a special t-shirt that has anchor points. They help your device to scale the simulation properly. You can easily view the circulatory system, skeleton, muscles, and internal organs.

It’s a highly immersive exercise for human anatomy classes that lets children see how they look from inside. In addition, you can select organs to explore them from inside, learn major elements and their functions.

Each of these AR apps already has its place in the educational system. Developers report the highly positive feedback from educators, so the massive integration seems to be just a question of time.

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