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VR Experience Review: Guide Your Mind To Relaxation With “The Marvellous Machine”

Take a moment to stop thinking.


Millions of people meditate or practice mindfulness. That’s roughly 200 to 500 million people on the planet with calmer minds. The Marvellous Machine by 1337 Game Design is an on-rails VR experience that will set you off on a quick dive into where thoughts come from and how to let them pass.

Guided by “The Marvellous Machine”

Over two sessions, I sat on my couch for 15 minutes with my VR headset and let someone else take the mental wheel for a bit. The narrator, Rosalind Ayres, has a calming voice that’s perfect for this experience. Looking at all the art deco-inspired rooms, Ayres directed me to explore my mind and let go of thoughts.

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As a matter of fact, I’ve practiced self-guided and guided meditation for years. I know how to quiet down my mind and let things be. But, as we all know, no matter how frequently you meditate thoughts come and go as they please and to varying intensities.

The Marvellous Machine is a quick 15-minute exercise in practicing how to let thoughts that try to hang around pass. If this VR experience piques your interest, you can jump in on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift (CV1 and DK2).

Going Along for the Ride

the marvellous machine VR experience

If you’re new to the concept of chilling out or meditating or whatever you call it, maybe put your phone on silent or light some incense. Most of all, be in a place that you know isn’t going to have loud noises. If you’re distracted or had too much coffee, run in place, and then do this.

At some point, someone mistakenly categorized this as a roller coaster. On the contrary, it’s on a track, but it is not a roller coaster. Next, I sat and looked around at the intricate green bronze or brass details on the walls of the passageways. As a result, I let curiosity take over, listened to Ayres cues, and let myself drift away.

Fifteen minutes is a short mental break from the outside world and personal expectations.  Overall, it’s a great VR concept and isn’t like WiseMind or Guided Meditation VR that have a multitude of environments, soundscapes, or activities. But, it is useful and an easy way to chill out.

Do I Recommend It? And for Who?

Yep! If you’ve got 15 minutes and a few bucks then The Marvellous Machine is for you. Whether you’re new to mindfulness or practicing for years, taking a break will do the mind and body some good.

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The Marvellous Machine is a VR experience that’s accessible to all kinds of bodies and minds, as well as younger and older folks. It’s great for people who want to think more clearly and have a healthier outlook on life.


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