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Magic Leap Announces Improved Headset and Enterprise Suite

We don't hear from the XR company often but it's always exciting when we do.


Magic Leap has a way of laying low for months at a time and then popping up with huge announcements.

The XR company doesn’t release headsets at the same breakneck speed as other producers. However, the Magic Leap One – released last summer – remains one of the most desired headsets in the XR world.

The last time we heard much from them was back in the spring. That was when they announced partnerships with Unreal and Japanese telecommunications firm DOCOMO.

So, what’s the big news this time?

The Magic Leap 1 (Not “One”)

First up, a press release shared with ARPost announced the Magic Leap 1. It’s a numeral on purpose. The modified name is a modified version of the Magic Leap One. The XR company has already purged its pages of the older model but a review from our archives allows comparison.

magic leap 1 headset and enterprise suite

The NVIDIA hardware in the processing unit has been upgraded, for one. The RAM and storage are both the same but the newer model has an extra half hour of battery life.

Somewhere along the line, the controller actually lost battery life. The price also went up a hefty $700 – to $2,995.

Additional Benefits

The new package doesn’t only come with that updated hardware, however. That price includes two-year subscriptions in a number of services, which are part of the Enterprise Suite.

That includes omnichannel support and customer services, an extended warranty, and the RapidReplace program. The release also previewed Jump, a new platform that the XR company will begin beta testing in the near future.

“In the coming months, Magic Leap will begin rolling out Jump by Magic Leap, a Communication, Collaboration and Co-presence platform beta program, that will allow people who are either physically present or digitally co-present to collaborate,” said the release. “With Jump by Magic Leap, companies can merge their digital content and experiences with multi-person, multi-site, volumetric co-presence in the physical world, allowing for new forms of collaboration that were never before possible.”

magic leap 1 enterprise suite

Spacial computing was also listed as one of the XR company’s core areas of development.

We believe spatial computing has limitless potential to positively impact our lives. We are at the beginning of that journey, as we start to change the way we work, and begin to think beyond the screens that have limited our creativity, and productivity, and our ability to reach our fullest potential,” Magic Leap founder and CEO Rony Abovitz said in the release. “The amazing companies who have started on this journey with us, all leaders in their industries, inspire and drive us, to continue to lead the innovation of the next era of computing – the spatial transformation.”

Tech Partnerships

Magic Leap also used the opportunity to discuss some of their partnerships. In January, DOCOMO will become the exclusive distributor of the Magic Leap 1 in Japan.

While that doesn’t directly impact most readers just yet, it’s a significant piece of news. Japan is its own center of industry and innovation and DOCOMO’s ongoing partnership with the XR company will likely mean good things down the road for all Magic Leap users.

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“Today’s announcement heralds the arrival of a new chapter for spatial computing with an advanced technology platform for enterprises across all industry sectors,” Omar Khan, Chief Product Officer at Magic Leap, said in the release. “Our innovative partners are leading the charge by developing groundbreaking solutions that will transform their businesses and customer experiences. Together, we are rewriting the rules of business with spatial solutions that will yield greater efficiencies, deeper engagement, and significant new business opportunities for all stakeholders.”

Why You Should Care

Since the latest Magic Leap’s suite of services is designed specifically for the enterprise environment, it’s obvious why businesses should care. However, Magic Leap is still beyond the scope of casual XR users. The news they shared this week actually signals a further shift toward industry exclusivity.

However, technology developed for industry often finds its way to general consumers. As a result, news from this XR company is news we can all be excited about.


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