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Jumanji: The Next Level Comes to Theaters and Fans’ Devices as an Exciting WebAR Experience

The new Jumanji: The Next Level movie comes accompanied by an interactive WebAR experience and many games for the fans.


Two years later, Jumanji comes back with the same team of stars. But this time, Jumanji: The Next Level also brings an exciting extra feature for fans – a WebAR experience. To create it, Sony Pictures partnered with several companies, such as Amazon, Trigger, Snapchat, Candy Crush Saga and TikTok.

Experience Jumanji: The Next Level at Home

The experience,, is built by the mixed reality agency Trigger, and powered by AWS and 8th Wall. The way it works is, once in the AR experience, players have to speak the magic formula “show me Jumanji”. The voice-activated WebAR experience then takes them to various movie locations, where they can enjoy interactive content and play games.

explorejumanji AR experience

“In Jumanji, players get pulled into the game and have to play it to survive.  We wanted to bring that experience to our campaign whenever we could,” said Sony Picture’s Elias Plishner.

From Candy Crush Saga to Buying Tickets: a Complete WebAR Experience

The interactive experience for Jumanji: The Next Level offers players a highly detailed animated version of three movie sets. At the same time, they can enjoy exclusive video content created for the WebAR experience. Also, if they want to go to the cinema and watch the movie, users can say “buy tickets” and the ticketing page opens.

WebAR experience jumanji the next level

Through the partnership with social media platform Snapchat, Sony Pictures gives Jumanji fans the change to enjoy seven different AR experiences. The users can select their favorite avatar from the movie and start an exciting adventure full of obstacles to overcome.

As for Candy Crush Saga players, they can select exclusive mini-games and win Jumanji-themed rewards.

Blurring the Lines between Reality and Movie Fiction on Various Channels

Jumanji: The Next Level makes the storyline take a life of its own for fans, both online and offline. Apart from the WebAR experience, the digital marketing department of Sony Pictures prepared several other surprises.

jumanji webar experience

In cinemas, moviegoers will be able to take selfies with 3D standees in an exclusive photo-op installation created especially for Jumanji: The Next Level by the interactive studio Powster. And if they want to be in a group photo with the main characters of the movie, fans can go to YouTube and interact with the AR trailer. Here, they can use their mobile phones and capture exclusive images of themselves in various Jumanji worlds, next to Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black or Kevin Hart.

Reshaping the Future of Entertainment

Jumanji: The Next Level promises to be more than just a box office hit. With the WebAR experience and various partnerships with gaming and social media platforms, the producers show the way for the future of the movie industry.

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People are no longer satisfied with just watching a movie. They want to take part in the action, interact with its stars and create their own storylines. Sony Pictures understands this demand and provided ample interactive content, either through its own WebAR experience, or on the most popular social media platforms.

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