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Make Christmas Merrier with AR Apps, Games and Hardware

Spread some Christmas cheer with augmented reality games, apps and glasses.


It’s just a few more days ‘til Christmas. If you’re like most folks, you’re probably panicking about what to shop for the ones who made it to your long Christmas list. Before you end up giving everyone the same cutesy mug like last year, consider upping your game this year. In this article, we list some augmented reality games and apps for more creative ways to send Christmas cheer.

For the Sports Buffs

There’s still time to go on a winter holiday after Christmas Day. Your favorite sports buff will surely want to run to the slopes to test out the RideOn augmented reality ski goggles. These hi-tech goggles offer more than eye protection. They provide real-time information, showing virtual maps and points-of-interest in your field of vision. They also have a camera that can record your time and performance on the slopes. Moreover, you can share your skiing experience live with online friends.

rideon AR googles

For the Photoholics

Here’s a great gift for those who love to take photos. Taking the Polaroid to the next level, Prynt is a photo-printing case that allows you to shoot and print in real time. More than that, it enables you to link hidden videos to those photos. Use the Prynt app to record a 6-second video. The app uploads the video to the cloud and links it to your photo. When you hold your phone over a Prynt photo, the video starts playing on top of the picture.

Prynt uses image recognition and augmented reality. The mini printer device uses thermal printing technology so you don’t have to worry about buying ink. They also offer paper subscription so you have a constant supply of sheets year-round

For Your Drinking Buddy

Whether you’re miles apart or always together, Baileys makes drinking more festive this season. Create a perfect glass of Baileys in augmented reality before whipping it up in real life. Share your Baileys holiday drink with your friends to send some holiday cheers. All you need is a bottle of Baileys and a mobile device to immerse yourself in this AR experience powered by 8th Wall.

baileys AR app

For the Quirky Friend

Here’s another fun AR experience powered by 8th Wall that makes Christmas merrier. Leo AR enables you to view holiday objects and scenes through their WebAR portal. There’s a vast catalog of immersive images for Christmas. Send the link to your quirky friends, and have fun dancing with Santa together.

For Kids

Augmented reality games are surefire hits for kids this Christmas. To encourage physical activity and social interaction even with the use of technology, you can get them Osmo’s Pizza Co.

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Pizza Co. is among Osmo’s line of educational augmented reality games. It combines touchscreen play with physical activities. Kids play with actual toys and interact with both friends and cartoon characters. They take orders, assemble pizzas, and give change. A reflective camera captures their movement using recognition technology. The app gives instant feedback on their actions. More than being an excellent role-playing game app, Pizza Co. is also a learning tool that teaches kids how to run a business. Indeed, it’s one of the most educational augmented reality games out there.

For Everyone

Everyone deserves to feel loved this Christmas. But sending everyone augmented reality games may not be within your budget. Instead of sending them those boring greeting cards with typical Hallmark quotes, you can surprise your loved ones with augmented reality cards.

Send a snow globe this year without fear of breaking fragile glass. This holiday snow globe is impossible to break simply because there’s no glass to break. Canadian courier Purolator worked on a campaign this year, called “Bring the Globe to Life”, which features an augmented reality snow globe that you bring to life by scanning the code printed on the card. It’s a great way to send holiday messages to loved ones who are miles away.

purolator bring the globe to life app christmas cheer
Bring the Globe to Life

Kineticards combine traditional greeting cards with augmented reality. They come in many different designs, where each one has a hidden animated story. Download the app, point your device at the image, and watch the magic begin. Specific instructions are printed on the back of the card. There’s also a sticker that informs your recipient that it’s an augmented reality card.

Another Christmas card that comes to life is iGreet. What makes iGreet unique is that you can record your own personalized video greeting. Just download the app, choose an iGreet card, and scan the QR code. You can then record your greeting and send the iGreet card via snail mail. When your recipient scans the card, the video greeting appears like an overlay on the card. A step up from the traditional greeting card, iGreet connects loved ones during important moments in life through AR.


Celebrating the Holidays with AR 

As an immersive technology, the applications of AR are boundless. With the various apps on the market that currently integrate AR, it won’t take long for you to find that perfect gift that will boost the holiday spirit. With augmented reality apps and games, you can find new and unique ways to experience the holidays with your loved ones.

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