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Coming Soon: A Dark and Realistic VR Experience for the Fans of “A Christmas Carol”

"Chained: A Victorian Nightmare", created by MWM Interactive, will bring to life the three ghosts of Christmas in a vivid VR experience.


This year, Charles Dickens’ three ghosts of Christmas come to life in a dark and gloomy VR experience. Chained: A Victorian Nightmare will put players in the center of the well-known story of Ebenezer Scrooge and his journey to past, present and future Christmas days.

A Beloved Christmas Story Becomes an Immersive Experience

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is one of the most popular Christmas stories. It was made into films and theater plays many times. This time, MWM Interactive, a video game publisher and interactive entertainment producer, decided to turn it into a realistic and immersive experience for VR headsets.

Chained a Victorian Nightmare

The 2019 finalist of VR Awards, MWM Interactive turns the player into the first person participant who moves through dark and gloomy landscapes and scenes. The company has perfectly transposed the Victorian atmosphere into its VR experience. Thus, users will feel that they literally walked into 19th century London and into Dickens’ book.

Advanced Theatrical Experience Brought to the Comfort of User’s Homes

The creator and director of Chained: A Victorian Nightmare VR experience is Justin Denton. His credentials include the “Legion” experience at the 2017 edition of Comic-Con in San Diego.

Chained VR experience

For the VR adaptation of A Christmas Carol, Denton put together elements of theater, cinema, as well as interactive entertainment. The visuals and sound effects combine to create a unique and eerie experience. Until now, the audience could enjoy the location-based immersive theater experience version. It played in Los Angeles (fall of 2018), and then in New York City (spring of 2019).

Now, everyone can take the dark journey through their past, present and future Christmases, accompanied by each ghost, from the comfort of their living room.

A VR Experience Designed for Multiple Platforms for Maximum Audience Reach

Chained: A Victorian Nightmare will be released in December on three VR content platforms: SteamVR, Oculus, and VIVEPORT. Thanks to the broad selection of platforms and compatible devices, the VR experience will be available to a wider audience.

Irrespective of the device, the price for the experience will be US$5.99. At the moment, users can add “Chained: A Victorian Nightmare” to their wish list and get a notification when it becomes available for purchase.

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