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Ubiquity6 Launches Studio for More Advanced AR and VR Experiences

A look at Studio and democratized XR experiences.


Late last year, we met Ubiquity6 and their new platform for creating AR and VR experiences –

The platform allows users to create and share immersive XR experiences using just a smartphone. is revolutionary for casual users, though it has its limits in comparison with professional services.

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Developers looking to create more immersive XR experience can now do so through the Studio. Studio

“The update allows people to make really immersive and engaging experiences that have before only been really accessible for high-end industry,” Ubiquity6 CEO, Anjney Midha, said in an interview with ARPost. “A lot of world-building programs had, unfortunately, been pigeonholed into high-end programs.” studio AR and VR experiences

Users of the original mobile app can still take advantage of the simpler interface to share their XR experiences, as thousands have already done. However, the studio introduces a number of more advanced tools – coding experience optional.

“One of the biggest problems we saw were that production tools were built for older platforms and older gaming experiences,” said Midha. “The way people create [immersive content] is very much the way that apps and games were made 10 years ago.”

The platform utilizes a drag-and-drop interface. In this way, users can incorporate everything from surface textures to complete digital models. They can start with templates, their own content, or a blank slate. This allows users to create XR content that can be experienced in AR and in person or in VR from anywhere. The cross-platform experiences can also be utilized by multiple users simultaneously in multiplayer experiences.

“It really excites us when someone downloads the app and ten minutes later… they upload this really immersive experience,” said Midha.

The whole studio isn’t available to everyone just yet. However, eager developers can learn about early access opportunities.

A World of User-Generated AR and VR Experiences

The desktop design studio isn’t the only way in which has changed since December. Because all of the content on the platform is user-generated, every day sees new additions from users around the world.

“Every day we wake up to have our minds blown… there are little snippets of life being uploaded every day that you can’t see anywhere else,” said Midha. “These vignettes have never had the chance to be shared in these immersive ways before.”

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In a boom that mirrors the early days of YouTube, new users and new content turn into an ever-deepening rabbit hole.

“Growth exceeds expectations,” said Midha. “People continue to use [the platform] in ways we didn’t expect.”

What’s Next?

Eventually, Midha would like to launch a creator partnership program for even higher-quality immersive content. For now, however, the content people upload themselves is plenty.

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