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Trick Shot Kings – the AR Game That Showcases the Possibilities of 5G Internet

The AR game is the work of Dark Slope in collaboration with AT&T, and is available exclusively on AT&T 5G devices.


5G internet will change everything users do on smartphones, including the way they play AR games. To prove this, Dark Slope partnered with AT&T to create Trick Shot Kings, a multiplayer basketball augmented reality game that showcases the capabilities of 5G internet. The game release comes along with the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S20 devices. These smartphones are a part of the 5G devices AT&T will offer its customers.

What Is Innovative About This AR Game?

Trick Shot Kings AR gameTrick Shot Kings allows users in various locations to join in a multiplayer basketball game in real time. Players only need their 5G AT&T device to experience the thrill of a street game in various court styles.

Each game has three rounds of one minute each. The players can use various virtual objects in the scene to bounce off the ball and attempt the most ingenious trick shot. The winner gets to see their avatar perform a victory dance. Also, they can share their best shots on social media platforms.

The key element that makes Trick Shot Kings an interesting AR game is the ability to experience real-time interactions with players in different physical locations.

The Work Behind Trick Shot Kings AR Game

For Dark Slope, the developers of the game, Trick Shot Kings represents a welcome challenge.

“Working with AT&T enabled us to use AR format to our full advantage resulting in a multiplayer experience with low latency, responsive design elements and overall, a really fun game to play,” said Eyal Kleiner, the head of enterprise services and business development of the Canadian- based XR company, in a press release.

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“Our work with Dark Slope takes a page out of science fiction and turns it into science fact,” commented Jay Cary, vice president of 5G marketing and development at AT&T.

The mobile services company will make Trick Shot Kings available only to its customers.

An Exciting AR Game for Basketball Fans

AR game Trick Shot KingsWith Trick Shot Kings, basketball fans can test their skills and challenge their friends to an exciting multiplayer game. However, they can also choose the single-player mode and compete against AI.

Once they install the game, the players can select an avatar and a basketball court style. To launch a shot, the player simply has to tap on the smartphone screen. However, the goal of the game is to create complex trick shots that earn a higher score.

The player with the highest score becomes “the trick shot king” in the AR game.

To download and play the game, AT&T customers who own a 5G device need to access the Games folder and tap on the icon for Trick Shot Kings.

What Is 5G?

The 5G network is the latest-generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks. It is capable of even up to 2Gbit/s speed, while the frequency can reach up to 72 GHz (above the lower limit of the extremely high-frequency band).

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One of the key improvements in 5G technology is the fact that it can support up to 1 million devices per square kilometer. By comparison, 4G supports only a maximum of 100,000 devices per square kilometer. This allows an AR game like Trick Shot Kings to run smoothly and with low latency in multiplayer mode.

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