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Onsight AR Collaboration Platform Offered for Free to Companies Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Canadian company Librestream made its augmented reality platform available for free to eligible companies whose employees must work from home.


The coronavirus pandemic has already caused major disruption in all the industries across the globe and might continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Many governments imposed total or partial lockdowns, meaning that people must stay at home, with a few exceptions. Among the exceptions is going to work, but only if the work they perform cannot be done remotely. For this reason, many employees now work from home. To keep them connected with the rest of the team and the managers, Canadian company Librestream now offers its proprietary AR collaboration platform for free.

Onsight AR Collaboration Platform – Helping Keep Business Going as Usual

For some companies, remote work is not a new concept. For others, it is an unknown territory in which they step full of uncertainties. To make this transition smoother and reduce downtime, in this current difficult situation, Librestream decided to offer a helping hand. The company is offering free access to its proprietary Onsight platform to eligible companies.

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“The sudden onset of this pandemic means managers haven’t had time to prepare for the new reality we are facing with the novel coronavirus. Many are scrambling to find safe, cost effective ways to ensure business continuity,” said John Bishop, President and CEO of Librestream, in a press release shard with ARPost. “Onsight is already helping hundreds of companies overcome distance barriers and keep workers safe. With this free program, we can extend the same opportunity to any organization.”

Librestream has a proven track record of 16 years developing remote collaboration tools based on augmented reality.

Their Onsight platform helps employees:

  • Hold virtual meetings;
  • Offer remote assistance and guidance;
  • Add comments and captions in real time on video streams;
  • Control the camera by panning and zooming to the desired area;
  • Add more members to a live virtual meeting or ongoing project.

The platform runs on all devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, smart glasses and other wearables.

One AR Collaboration Platform, Numerous Use Cases

TheOnsight AR collaboration platform has already been tested and proven by key players in major industries, such as Volvo, Safran and SGS. Therefore, Onsight is adequate for various use cases, such as:

  • Telemedicine;
  • Remote inspection for maintenance contracts;
  • Guided instructions for equipment troubleshooting;
  • Work instructions for new temporary hires.
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According to the data collected by Librestream from its clients, Onsight augmented reality collaboration platform generates:

  • 70% increase in overall productivity hours;
  • 30% boost in productivity for “just-in-time” mentoring;
  • 20% less time to solve issues.

Industry Grade Security for Confidential Business Data

Using an AR collaboration platform means, among others, trusting it with sensitive data, from the customers’ personal data to trade secrets. Librestream assures all users that their Onsight platform is certified by a 3rd party auditor as ISO 27001(information security management) and ISO 27018 (protection of personal data in the cloud).

Moreover, the platform incorporates:

  • AES media encryption, TLS cryptographic protocol and Single Sign On (SSO);
  • GDPR compliance features;
  • Secure data centers.

What the Free Offer Contains

The special offer for companies impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic provides access to the Onsight Connect remote expert package. The package is pre-configured and contains useful materials to set up and use the solution. On demand, Librestream will also provide free virtual training for the employees.As part of the agreement, your organization must be willing to provide feedback for the experience using Onsight augmented reality platform.

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