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Silica Sol, the Latest VR World Created by Soundscape VR, Now Available for Free

The VR music company offers its most recent VR world for free to help fans enjoy a music festival from the safety of home confinement.


The new coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of all public and private events, including music concerts and festivals. To help fans cope while staying at home in self-isolation, VR music platform Soundscape VR prepared a surprise. Their latest VR world, called Silica Sol, is available for free.

Silica Sol VR world

Silica Sol – a VR World Inspired by the Desert

Eric Alexander, the CEO and Lead Developer of Soundscape VR, spoke about the inspiration to design the latest SVR metaverse in a press release:

“Silica Sol in a way pays homage to the desert landscape so many people fall in love with at Burning Man, but in the unique SVR way that our users have come to expect. We’ve also included so many new ways to customize your adventure in this update. I can’t wait to hear people’s experiences.”

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The VR world allows users to explore a fascinating environment where music, special effects, and 3D objects create an exciting atmosphere. It helps users escape the home confinement and experience the closest thing to an actual outdoor festival.

What It Feels to Explore the Silica Sol VR World

The free update to the SVR metaverse is available on Steam and Oculus Home. The user becomes a character that has to pass various challenges to progress from level to level. Along the journey, the character will unlock special abilities, such as:

  • Enhancing the aspect of their character;
  • Getting closer to the music stage;
  • Flying faster over the landscape;
  • Becoming invisible.

The desert-like landscape of Silica Sol VR world is enriched with special holographic objects, such as crystal spirits, glowing butterflies and various fairy-like elements. Apart from exploration, users can engage in various exciting activities, from competing in games to painting and drawing.

Breathtaking Visuals and the Music of Your Choice

What makes SVR’s Silica Sol world special is the freedom it gives users to enjoy it according to their preferences. They can access a huge database of songs, artists and festivals created by other users. They can listen to selections of top music by artists featured in the Soundscape VR metaverse. Or they can select their music service of choice and stream their favorite music.

In essence, Silica Sol VR world is around the clock music festival, where users can virtually meet their friends, or make new friends who enjoy the same music.

VR world Silica Sol

From group listening sessions, to single-user mode exploring the available soundtracks and experiences, the SVR metaverse is the perfect escape for people forced to self-isolate at home.

Reshaping the Future of Live Entertainment

Without a doubt, the world will not be the same in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be major changes in the fabric of our society. And more people will emerge out of these difficult times with a new taste – for technology-powered entertainment.

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From fantastic VR worlds to live 360-degree video festival broadcasts across the world, XR technology will change the way people experience music, films, and video games. The current lockdown and free offers like the Silica Sol world will allow more people to discover and adopt this new form of entertainment.

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