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KaviAR Tech Launches New Augmented Reality App for Travel

Paris-based augmented reality startup KaviAR Tech launched a free AR app for travel—KaviAR Gate.


French startup KaviAR Tech has launched “the world’s first augmented reality teleportation app”, according to the company, called KaviAR Gate. It allows you to explore exotic destinations all over the world. It offers immersive, 360-degree experiences from the comfort of your home, which is proving to be a safe way to entertain yourself during these trying times.

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To learn more about the travel app, we interviewed KaviAR Tech CEO and co-founder Michel Ruiz. We talked about his vision for the future of the company, augmented reality, and more.

How KaviAR Tech Came to Be

Everything started when someone asked Ruiz if it was possible to augment an object and add content to one’s reality. Of course, he knew it was possible. Along with his KaviAR Tech team, he performed a series of tests and experiments to prove it. However, the challenge at that time was that the technology wasn’t easy to use or implement. That’s because it relied on special glasses.

Given the ubiquity of smartphones, it made more sense to create AR solutions for mobile. Instead of developing apps that required headsets, KaviAR Tech built a tool that can be used by anyone, anywhere with a smartphone. KaviAR Gate is a product of their innovation.

What Is KaviAR Gate?

kaviAR AR app“From exotic locations across the Caribbean and Europe to Asia, KaviAR Gate is an inviting and inspiring app that anyone can download and use to take a virtual vacation.” 

KaviAR Gate lets users travel to any destination in the world with one click of a button. No fancy equipment, QR codes, or expensive headgear required. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can use it to go on a virtual journey across the globe. According to Ruiz, it has a little something for everyone. It has many educational, recreational, and commercial applications.

People who want to travel but lack the time can use KaviAR Gate as a quick escape, while vacationers can use it to plan their itineraries. Aside from recreational purposes, it has educational applications. You can, for instance, visit famous museums or historic sites. Additionally, as it features commercial applications, entrepreneurs can leverage it to make their business more discoverable.

What Is Next for KaviAR Tech?

KaviAR Tech sees a future where smartphones serve as a filter between the real world and the digital world. They are working hard to build a future where augmented reality not only inspires and educates but transforms the world into a better place.

“The main vision of KaviAR Tech is to provide AR for all. We want to give everyone access to AR’s many benefits and possibilities.”

In the midst of this digital transformation, enterprises are beginning to recognize AR’s multiple applications. Not only that, they are starting to see that its return-on-investment is threefold.

If AR solutions are widely available, it shortens the path-to-purchase for the client. It makes buying easier. Furthermore, it limits the consumer’s cognitive demand. When consumers no longer have to make return trips, measure products, or try them on, the decision-making process can happen smoothly and easily.

The Future of Augmented Reality

We asked Ruiz about his thoughts on augmented reality’s future in our interview. Like most tech leaders, he believes that the future of AR is bright. He predicts that it will eventually be ubiquitous. But for that to happen, people must use AR more. Moreover, companies must continue to create new solutions and make them more accessible to users.

Tech giants such as Google and Apple must lead the charge aside from independent firms such as KaviAR Tech, Ruiz also said.

“There will be no need to go out and look for the positive changes AR will make all around us as they will be apparent.” 

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AR has many functions aside from entertainment. It can, for example, be used in urban planning. Cities can leverage the technology to set warnings and street signs. For cities like Grenoble, France, which prohibits big signs, AR can help locals and tourists get around safely and successfully. Additionally, AR solutions can encourage tourists to explore and discover historically and culturally significant sites.

We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities AR brings to our world. KaviAR Tech is honored to be at the forefront of this AR revolution.”

Michel Ruiz, Wajdi Ben Rabah, and Anthony Merzouki founded KaviAR Tech, an augmented reality startup that’s headquartered in Paris, France. The world’s first AR teleportation app, KaviAR Gate, is out now. It is available on both iOS and Android for free.

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