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Looking Forward to XR Technology at the VRARA’s VR/AR Global Summit

The VR/AR Association’s Global Summit is taking place from June 1 through June 3.


Even though our focus this week has been on AWE, we can’t forget that another huge XR technology conference is taking place next week. The VR/AR Global Summit, organized by VR/AR Association (VRARA), is taking place from June 1 through June 3.

Notable Speakers and Panelists

The three-day XR technology online conference has over 165 registered speakers. Speakers include Joanna Popper of HP, Amy Peck of VIVE, Will Winston of Pico, MetaVRse CEO Alan Smithson and COO Julie Smithson, VR Church founder D.J. Soto, 8th Wall VP of Product Tom Emrich, Varjo founder and CPO Urho Konttori, and Virtual Perceptions editor Tom Ffiske.

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One defining characteristic of the VR/AR Global Summit is that it does see itself more as a summit than as a trade show. There are networking events, but there is no trade floor – though some companies have virtual booths. Further, virtually all of the content is aimed specifically at industry applications rather than consumer and entertainment tech.

A lot of our readers may have just clicked off the article. However, the VR/AR Global Summit is a great opportunity for individuals in the enterprise space who are used to having XR conversations more-or-less dominated by the entertainment industry.

Events are broken down by subject into either Education, Medical, Simulation, or Training.

VR/AR Global Summit Events to Look Forward To

Event types are also broken down into Keynotes, Networking Events, Panels, Sessions, Special Sponsor Events, and “VR Talks.”

Keynotes will be given by representatives of Lenovo, Korea Telekom, HTC, VIVE, HP, Microsoft, and others.

Panels include discussions on healthcare from the patient’s perspective, angel investing, XR technology in agriculture, education, smart technology, XR technology in oil and gas, collaboration tools, aerospace, immersive simulation, music, fashion, live events and sports, storytelling.

Sessions include information for entrepreneurs, educators, remote workers, healthcare providers, sports and event hosters, utility workers, realtors and the travel and hospitality industry, the automotive industry, security and intelligence workers, musicians, media and marketing workers, and “futurists.”

The only “special sponsors” event so far is a design competition hosted by The Wild. The networking events are essentially break-away sessions. With the exception of a daily networking period and “virtual happy hours,” most of these are specifically tailored to specific niches within XR technology. Many of these come included with a free ticket, but some require more expensive premium tickets.

There are also virtual booths where attendees can meet with representatives from Lenovo, Etee, Pico, HP, Cleanbox, Holo-Light, Varjo, Immersal, and of course the VRARA and others.

A Look at Tickets and the Platform

Tickets for the VR/AR Global Summit are still available and come in various price tiers ranging from free to $130. The tickets grant varying levels of access to the event. The free ticket includes live video of all of the talks and discussions, and access to many of the networking elements.

All ticket holders get access to the platform used to remotely host the XR technology summit. This is what allows you to connect with other attendees, as well as respond to polls and navigate the different elements of the event.

The platform will also remain active for a year so that ticket holders can continue to use it for networking and to watch recordings of the event.

ARPost will be at the VR/AR Global Summit but we won’t be able to cover everything, so be sure to get your tickets so that you can see the events that matter most to you.

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