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The Best VR Meditation Apps to Try

Release stress and find your inner peace wherever you are with immersive VR meditation apps.


A lot of people turn to meditation in this period to find inner peace, balance and the strength to deal with stress. Since offers always appear where there is demand, users can choose from a large variety of VR meditation apps. These apps allow you to meditate at your own convenience and in a place where you are comfortable and at ease.

Why Should You Try VR Meditation Apps?

Meditation involves getting into a deep state of mental relaxation. You should not be disturbed by anything in the world around you, such as images and sounds. However, this is difficult for beginners.

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This is why VR meditation apps are so popular among people trying to meditate for the first time. They can enter an immersive world specifically designed to induce rest and relaxation. Thus, the users can focus on the experience itself and not on any disrupting elements.

Are you ready to give VR meditation apps a go? Then here are our recommendations for you:

1. Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams

Devices: HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift

This is one of the best VR meditation apps for beginners. It takes the user through a series of magical landscapes, from deep seas to tropical forests. Along the way, the user discovers motivational quotes inspiring them to find inner strength and balance.

The dreamy landscape is made even more relaxing with a selection of soundtracks created by international artist and Academy Award-winning composers. The producers created the sequence of images and sounds in a succession that takes the user through various soothing emotional states.

2. Tai Chi Trainer XR

Devices: a variety of VR viewers/smartphone VR headsets for Android and iOS phones

Our list of VR meditation apps includes something for people who want to choose an active form of meditating. Originating in ancient China, Tai Chi consists of slow, flowing movements with the purpose of activating the “chi” (the vital energy) and bringing the body and mind together.

tai chi trainer VR app meditation

If you are interested in this practice, Tai Chi Trainer XR is the right choice for you. It features:

  • Full Tai Chi training;
  • Quick Qigong morning routine (5 minutes session);
  • AR Tai Chi;
  • VR Tai Chi.

Thus, as you become more advanced in your meditation technique, you can switch to the less immersive AR version of the app.

3. Chakra VR

Devices: Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go

With Chakra VR, you can enjoy a guided tour into your inner world and discover your chakras. They are seven “wheels” (direct translation from Sanskrit) that keep your spiritual life in balance:

  • The root chakra: red color;
  • The sacral chakra: orange color;
  • The solar plexus chakra: yellow color;
  • The heart chakra: green color;
  • The throat chakra: blue color;
  • The third eye chakra: indigo color;
  • The crown chakra: violet color.

chakra VR meditation app

With one of the most innovative VR meditation apps, Chakra VR, you can learn how to unblock all the chakras with the specific poses for each of them. This app received a lot of positive reviews (4.5/5 stars rating on the Oculus store) and costs only $2.99, so give it a try!

4. Flow VR

Devices: Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go

This is one of the VR meditation apps designed for people who need a step by step approach to this activity. It features six modes aimed at helping users reach inner balance: Breath, Focus, Movement, Letting go, Calm, and Restore.

Featuring superb, calming landscapes from Iceland in 4K quality, the app is developed by an award-winning startup and includes music by bands like GusGus and Sigur Rós. As you may recall, Sigur Rós also partnered with Magic Leap to create the first immersive music video experiences.

5. Guided Meditation VR

Last but not least, we recommend a traditional approach to VR meditation apps, featuring authentic meditative music. The app contains a series of 23 relaxing landscapes, from tropical beaches and forests to majestic mountaintops and peaceful Greek coastal cities.

guided meditation VR app

Built specifically for the VR medium, this app offers one of the most immersive and relaxing experiences, capable of helping anyone disconnect from stress and worries.

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