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Ceraadi Teams Up With AmazeVR for a Fall Virtual Reality Concert

R&B sister duo Ceraadi partners with AmazeVR for a virtual reality concert this fall.


COVID-19 has forced the cancellation of live shows for the near future, but that doesn’t mean concerts are going extinct. New technologies like virtual reality can help us revel in new experiences without fear of catching the virus.

AmazeVR is the latest platform to announce a fully immersive virtual concert. They will be working with Ceraadi, a Los Angeles-based Hip Hop and R&B sister duo, to stage a show in late November. As a solo concert, this show will showcase Ceraadi’s talents to the world.

How Virtual Reality Is Reshaping Live Music

AmazeVR mixes technology and soulful music to create novel multi-sensory experiences for people in quarantine. They will use a high-resolution video feed, haptic motion, and stereoscopic computer-generated elements to provide an immersive virtual experience. However, unlike live events, virtual reality concerts should take fewer resources to produce.


While concerts usually take months to plan and build, a VR concert only requires a few artists to work for one or two days. So, it’s not as intensive as regular live concerts. AmazeVR had signed partnerships with studios such as Atlas V and Felix Paul Studios. Afterwards, they agreed to team up with Ceraadi.

Virtual reality gathers people together without fear of anyone getting sick. Through VR, musicians gain unlimited options for sharing music with listeners.

Grammy-winning artist Imogen Heap is at the forefront of this musical revolution. Way before the pandemic, she had already been experimenting with VR. Imogen Heap used TheWaveVR to create a first-of-its-kind concert experience. She turned herself into a hologram in a virtual space, adding visual effects that are impossible to create in real life.

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360-degree videos are not new in music. However, VR upgrades concerts by allowing virtual interaction among concertgoers. It brings people together, from all corners of the world, in real time.

French musician Jean-Michel Jarre hosted a recent event in VR. In the digital space, VR headset users interacted with one another through avatars. They took in all the quintessential elements of an electronic concert—blinding lights and sick beats—without leaving their homes.

Ceraadi Virtual Reality Concert in Quarantine

Since people are spending more time indoors, they are searching for other ways to indulge their passions. They want both new and safe experiences.

Moreover, virtual reality headsets are cheaper than they were five years ago. Affordable headsets mean more people can now use VR technology, which could help encourage VR adoption.

Sisters and bandmates Saiyr and Emaza Gibson form the duo Ceraadi. They are signed under Jay-Z’s record label Roc Nation. Some of Ceraadi’s hit singles include “Loyal,” “Dumbstruck,” and “That’s What She’d Say.” Like most modern artists, they have stayed on top of the digital trends sweeping the industry.

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They are always looking for how best to connect with fans through their music. In such tough times, VR enables artists like Ceraadi to entertain people through music in never-before-seen ways. Likewise, VR allows performers to delight their fans without risking their safety.

Ceraadi virtual reality concert

The VR concert will take place in late November. Ticket prices will be announced later this fall. To watch it at home, you’ll need an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Valve Index VR headset. Then, you can use the AmazeVR app to go to the show. Download the free AmazeVR app on the Oculus Store or Steam. Fans can go to the concert after an activation process.

During the concert, fans can also join in-person activities. Small groups of fans can view pre-recorded performances in socially distanced buses and in full protective gear. They’ll sit in haptic moving seats and enjoy snacks and merchandise.

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