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The Advantages of Using Virtual Reality for Team Building

Virtual reality is a powerful tool for team building activities, especially during a pandemic.


Even in unprecedented times, businesses can go on thanks to digital solutions. Although some countries around the world are easing restrictions, many are still taking extra precautions to protect staff and customers. However, while remote work has its benefits, it is not the easiest to manage. Often, it can lead to isolated and cluttered teams.

Fortunately, virtual reality is thriving. It might just be the solution you need to encourage collaboration.

From skills training to team building, virtual reality can empower the workforce in all kinds of ways. It provides fun, exciting, and meaningful ways to collaborate and interact in a safe, risk-free environment.

Why Use Virtual Reality for Team Building

Compared to the usual team-building activities, VR gives employees fresh, fun, and exciting ways to interact and collaborate. From virtual retreats to immersive gameplay, there’s a wealth of exercises to choose from. Whether the goal is communication or problem-solving, you can empower your team to achieve it with the right virtual reality experience.

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No matter where your employees are, you can conduct team-building activities as long as they have the proper gear. Depending on the apps you use, you might even be able to make custom environments. You can tailor your virtual space and activity to fit your end goal.

There might have been a time when virtual reality was such a luxury. But these days, it can be cost-effective, especially for larger organizations. Instead of spending on housing costs, transportation, and food, you only have to spend money on a headset. Plus, you can reuse that headset over and over again.

Virtual Reality Team-Building Activities

Virtual team-building activities come in many forms. Although they focus on communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, VR games can range from Pictionary and virtual meditations to escape rooms. Your team can even defuse a bomb, or attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse.

In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, one person has to wear a VR headset. They will be stuck in a virtual room with a bomb, while their team players will have the instructions to defuse it. To win the game, the team has to communicate effectively. This not only builds trust but also strengthens relationships.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes VR game

Arizona Sunshine takes you on a post-apocalyptic journey. You and up to three other members must take out as many zombies as you can and survive.  It’s a fun and thrilling team building experience, especially for those fond of survival games.

You can also mix virtual and in-person activities with The Infinite Loop. Your objective is to save a man trapped in the virtual realm. The game consists of players in the real and virtual world. They will have to exchange places to complete the goal. For instance, the faster that players can describe the problem in the virtual world, the faster their teammates in the real world can come up with a solution.

the infinite loop - virtual reality for team building

It is a powerful application that offers insightful feedback. Moreover, it shows teams the areas they can improve to solve the problem more efficiently.

Virtual reality might not have been an effective team-building solution a few years back. But VR gear, software, and applications are becoming more accessible as the technology grows increasingly widespread. With VR, you can offer unique, unforgettable experiences that everyone can enjoy. You can improve crucial skills and strengthen bonds between employees.

So, if you have the means, look into virtual team building. You might be surprised with the benefits you can reap.

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