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Sensorium Galaxy Reveals New Details About Virtual Reality Avatars

Sensorium Galaxy, a social virtual reality platform, will use highly realistic avatars of world-renowned artists such as David Guetta and Carl Cox.


Sensorium Corporation announced that it will be using photorealistic avatars of world-famous artists on its upcoming social virtual reality platform—Sensorium Galaxy.

The fully computer-generated avatars are highly realistic. They capture not only the facial expressions of artists but also their behavioral patterns and unique performance styles. In turn, it gives users fully immersive performances that existing digital experiences won’t allow.

Seamless Interaction in Virtual Reality

Sensorium Galaxy offers unparalleled virtual experiences, starting with hyper-realistic virtual representations of its users. Unlike many online social platforms, it doesn’t limit you to pre-set avatars. Instead, it enables you to create complex illustrations of yourself.

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Using VR and artificial intelligence, you can personalize your virtual appearance. You can also breathe life into your avatar by giving it character traits. Eventually, these avatars will be able to evolve in the virtual environment. They’ll be able to exist autonomously in the digital space within the VR platform.

Sensorium Galaxy X Guetta

Carl Cox and David Guetta, who are the latest high-profile additions to Sensorium Galaxy, will be recreated in VR as well. Sensorium Galaxy uses motion capture to produce highly realistic avatars. At the same time, the technology enables concertgoers to view the artists from any angle.

“This immersive platform allows you to experience things and share special moments with other people no matter where they are,” Cox said. “Sensorium Galaxy is going to revolutionize how people socialize while overcoming the current limitations on how we enjoy music and the arts online, giving everyone a chance to connect in a much more meaningful way.”

By using fully CG avatars of musicians, Sensorium Galaxy can overcome the current limitations of one-dimensional music experiences. It also enables artists to take their creativity to the next level while engaging fans in the most interactive way possible.

Sensorium Galaxy Reshaping the Music Experience With Virtual Reality

Sensorium Galaxy, built in partnership with world-known artists, producers, and entertainment companies, merges interactive entertainment with social media. It contains multiple virtual worlds, each of which is a unique hub for a specific type of art. PRISM World, for instance, is dedicated to music concerts and festivals.

Sensorium Galaxy PRISM World

Since Sensorium Galaxy is also a social media platform, it offers other fun interactive activities aside from virtual concerts. You can use your own voice to speak to other fans. Also, you can play games with others within the virtual world.

In Sensorium Galaxy, you can interact with music in new ways through features like “fly on the wall.The effect lets you move through the air and dive underwater. You can experience a concert through the eyes of the performers. You can also shrink yourself and watch a music festival unfold from the DJ’s mixing station.

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Sensorium Galaxy goes live in 2021. You can access it using any of the leading virtual reality headset brands. In addition, you can tune in from your PC, Android, and iOS device.

Whether you use VR headsets or mobile devices, you’ll experience more interactive and immersive world-class shows. Sensorium Galaxy is working with the best artists in the field. In the months to come, it will reveal more artists in their lineup.

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