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How AR Apps Can Help You With DIY Maintenance and Repairs

Practical applications of AR technology at the consumer level.


The use of augmented reality is now more widespread. Various industries use AR apps and tools to improve employee experience and streamline business processes. Manufacturers utilize AR to increase production speed and reduce downtimes. Architects and builders leverage the technology to enhance designs and bolster structures. Medical practitioners hone their skills using simulations of surgical procedures.

Aside from these, augmented reality now has more practical uses on the consumer level. Today, there are augmented reality apps that people can download on any mobile device. These apps aid users in doing simple repairs and maintaining their homes.

Use of AR Apps in DIY Maintenance and Repairs

1. Augmented Reality Apps Provide Better Instructions for Repairs

There are plenty of how-to guides available in print or online. However, these instructions can be confusing especially for those who have limited know-how. With AR apps, though, instructions are visual and interactive. They provide more detailed guides that users can easily follow.

Today, there are dozens of downloadable apps for fixing gadgets, appliances, and other household items. One such app is RE’FLEKT’s Augmented Repair, which can be used to repair machines, fix broken appliances, or build new furniture.

2. AR Technology Turns DIYers Into Skilled Designers 

Aside from simple repairs and home maintenance, AR apps can also be used for minor renovations or basic interior design. 3D virtual objects can be anchored in real-world environments to give a better idea of how certain changes affect a room’s aesthetics and functionality.

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Apps like the Bubble Level App make home improvement projects easier with AR. Photo Measures and Google’s Measure are useful tools for estimating the measurements of furniture and rooms. Meanwhile, IKEA and Houzz have been leveraging AR to make shopping easier for their customers, pioneering the use of AR in interior design, with apps like Myty following suit.

3. AR Facilitates Remote Assistance From Experts

Through augmented reality, experts can guide users on home repairs without physically being there. The user simply captures the object that needs repair on a smartphone or tablet. The technician then superimposes instructions onto the real-world object and guides the user in fixing it.

RE’FLEKT’s Remote app does precisely this. It connects users to professionals who can provide specific instructions both visually and verbally.

Making Life Easier With AR Apps

Augmented reality is still an evolving technology. Even so, it has great potential in making daily life easier. At home, it can save consumers time and money when making repairs or renovations. It enables access to knowledge and provides visual contextual information. With clearer and more detailed instructions, even the most novice DIYer can accomplish complex projects with ease.

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