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Augmented Reality Is Bringing Christmas Cards to Life

Augmented reality can make your Christmas greeting cards merrier by bringing them to life.


Getting into the festive mood isn’t easy amid a global health crisis, but augmented reality might just be what you need to spread holiday cheer. AR offers a safe and memorable way to keep the Christmas spirit alive this year. By augmenting your annual Christmas cards, you can spread a lot of joy to loved ones.

Instead of sending static greeting cards to loved ones, you can deliver heartfelt messages with a touch of magic. During these hard times, you can spread joy and cheer with AR.

Augmented Reality Christmas Cards

Augmented reality enhances the physical world with computer-generated elements. It overlays them into real-world environments to create interesting immersive experiences.

Now, your Christmas cards can come to life thanks to immersive technology. These AR-enabled cards can show fun animations, sounds, or videos once scanned using a special app.

Overly App breathes life into your greeting cards, photos, and more. It doesn’t require special knowledge or expertise. All you have to do is download the app or drop by their site. You can choose from their pre-made selection. Then, you can have the Christmas cards delivered to your loved ones.

Overly App AR Christmas cards
Overly App

However, if you want something more personalized, you can also create your own AR experiences. For instance, you can use homemade videos or audio recordings to make static images come to life. In a few simple steps, you can set up your augmented reality experience using Overly App.

You can try Overly App for free. It doesn’t require your credit card details.

Get Into the Christmas Spirit With Augmented Reality

Custom AR experiences are easier to create now more than ever. Whether you want to show fun memories or funny animations, you can do it with easy-to-use augmented reality apps.

You can also check out companies like Trekk, which makes personalized AR greeting cards. They can turn custom ideas into a reality, then augment them for an even more magical experience.

Aside from Christmas cards, they can add AR experiences to packaging, direct mail, sales collateral, and more. That means businesses can augment not only the packaging but also the products they sell. It’s a great way to show consumers how much they are appreciated, especially during this pandemic. Moreover, it’s a safe and fun way to spread holiday cheer.

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Greeting cards are still a thing in the digital age. With augmented reality, they appeal more to modern consumers. If you’re giving them to older family members, it will be even more exciting, especially if they don’t know what to expect.

Christmas parties and family gatherings aren’t ideal this year as we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. You can, however, keep that holiday cheer going using augmented reality.


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