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ThirdEye Enterprise AR Updates in Device Management, Remote Assistance

We talk with ThirdEye CEO Nick Cherukuri about the company’s enterprise AR updates.


Enterprise AR glasses manufacturer ThirdEye recently announced major updates to their offerings, including expanded device management software and improved remote assistance platforms for enterprise and healthcare.

ARPost learned more about the announcements in a recent remote interview with ThirdEye CEO and founder Nick Cherukuri.

ThirdEye’s Ambitious Track Record

ThirdEye launched their X1 enterprise AR glasses at CES 2018. Their X2 glasses came out the following year and our coverage of the glasses landed among ARPost’s most-read articles of 2019.

Throughout 2020, ThirdEye focused on building partnerships and rolling out software updates rather than going for three hardware releases in three years. This year is starting out in a similar vein and the enterprise AR company announces a new Mobile Device Management platform, and suites of remote collaboration tools for frontline workers and healthcare professionals.

ThirdEye’s New MDM and Partner Program Updates

The MDM is designed to give users greater control over their IT based on the way that they use networks and applications on ThirdEye products for their specific use cases. This helps to give organizations using enterprise AR more focused control where they need it and also helps them to manage application and device permissions at a more precise level for security reasons.

ThirdEye RemoteEye and RespondEye Platforms

“We’re not just a smart glasses provider, we’re a dedicated end-to-end software provider,” said Cherukuri. “Any enterprise deployment requires MDM. That’s why we developed it.”

ThirdEye is also working on expanding its partner program. Resellers and distributors get access to reduced pricing, joint marketing, and free webinars. Partners also get access to dedicated technical support representatives and ThirdEye is particularly interested in expanding its marketplace of applications built on Android’s open source operating system.

“One of our unique factors is that we are hardware, software, and support. We’re end-to-end and customers really like that they don’t need to integrate third-party software,” said Cherukuri.

The RemoteEye and RespondEye Platforms

RemoteEye is a new tool for remote assistance that allows a specialist to see the field-of-view of a frontline worker. Remote assistance has been a rapidly growing trend in enterprise AR during the coronavirus pandemic, as it facilitates collaboration for distributed workforces. However, the technology was around before the pandemic, and it will continue to be useful afterwards.

RespondEye is a similar solution specifically meant for first responders. The cloud-based solution developed with Amazon Web Services went through additional security checks to become HIPAA certified. Software updates to the solution are expected to be released throughout the year.

“Healthcare has always been a big focus for us, but COVID has really shifted our focus more to healthcare,” said Cherukuri. “First responders came to us with recommendations on how AR can help them.”

ThirdEye Enterprise AR - RemoteEye and RespondEye Platforms

To make the platform more accessible in these trying times, first responders in the fight against COVID can reach out to ThirdEye for information and demos, as well as free access to RespondEye software with purchase of X2 MR glasses.

The Enterprise AR Landscape

Like other hardware manufacturers and most companies in general, ThirdEye has seen some disruption as a result of the coronavirus. Their workforce is working remotely, and they have had supply chain complications, though Cherukuri says that the company “scheduled for that early on,” and is “in a good position overall.”

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The ThirdEye updates are important in themselves, but they are also part of a larger trend toward enterprise AR moving further into the healthcare space during this unique time.

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