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Blackwell Rum Partners With Zappar to Create a WebAR Experience for the Upcoming 007 Movie

The WebAR experience features the CEO of Blackwell Rum and owner of GoldenEye Jamaica property where Ian Fleming wrote all his James Bond books.


Fans of the most famous secret agent may be sad that the launch of the latest title in the franchise is delayed to Octoberr 2021. However, they may be able to enjoy the atmosphere of Ian Fleming’s iconic residence GoldenEye in Jamaica through a WebAR experience. This is the result of the collaboration between AR platform Zappar  and Blackwell Rum.

The Spirit of Ian Fleming’s Novel Embodied in a WebAR Experience

The WebAR experience features Chris Blackwell, co-founder and CEO of Blackwell Rum and owner of the GoldenEye residence in Jamaica. He knew Ian Fleming in childhood and was personally involved in scouting locations for the first 007 movie Dr. No. This is why he is the virtual guide in the WebAR experience, sharing stories about the Jamaican rum brand proudly created by his family and other topics of interest, including cocktail recipes.

Zappar Blackwell rum WebAR experience 007 movie

Chris Blackwell explains his connection to the author and the movie franchise in a press release shared with ARPost:

“James Bond has been a big part of my life, from my childhood lunches with Ian Fleming at GoldenEye to being a location scout on the first movie, Dr. No (1962).  It was a pleasure working alongside the No Time To Die production team in Jamaica providing our iconic rum for the set in James Bond’s house, which has made this very special relationship come full circle.”

Augmented Reality – the Best Medium for Storytelling

Blackwell is a firm believer in storytelling for the Jamaican rum brand which embodies his family legacy. He wanted to create a special experience for customers who enjoy Blackwell Rum and allow them to experience the deep connection between the drink, its creators, and the 007 world.

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The WebAR experience is seamlessly embedded in the label of the bottle and can be accessed through the barcode and a custom web domain. For Blackwell, augmented reality is “just fantastic” as a medium for sharing these special stories.

How Zappar Helped Create the WebAR Experience 

For Blackwell Rum, the partnership with Zappar was a complete success. Blackwell believes that the end result will make a positive impact on customers, whether they are fans of the 007 franchise or not.

Blackwell rum Zappar WebAR experience 007 movie No Time To Die

“It’s been a great pleasure working with Zappar. They guided us through the end-to-end process with expertise and have done a perfect job in bringing to life the story of Blackwell Rum,” said co-founder and CEO of Blackwell Rum. “Zappar’s technical know-how and creativity have combined in our augmented reality experience that I’m sure will put a smile on the face of Blackwell Rum drinkers around the world.”

A Quick Peek into the GoldenEye Resort Featured in the Upcoming 007 Movie

The 25th movie in the James Bond franchise, No Time to Die, shows the secret agent retired from active service and enjoying the sun and beaches of Jamaica. The property used in the film is GoldenEye, former residence of author Ian Fleming, currently owned by Blackwell.

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The property has been open to the public since 2011 and features private beaches, a lagoon and several dining options. The WebAR experience shows the evolution of this place, from a writer’s hideout to the modern and luxurious resort that will be seen in the movie.

Thus, until viewers can enjoy James Bond’s latest adventures on the silver screen, they can enjoy a glass of Blackwell rum and the stories shared by Chris Blackwell in the WebAR experience.

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