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Rokid Announces Vision 2 Mobile MR Glasses, Apps, Software Updates

The entertainment and productivity-focused MR glasses were announced at Rokid Open Day.


MR glasses manufacturer Rokid announced Rokid Vision 2 at their recent Rokid Open Day virtual event. The headset is the second generation of the company’s line of products dedicated to mobile-based MR and was launched with the intention of expanding the company’s market.

Rokid Open Day

The release also included software updates to the Vision platform and a number of new Rokid-made applications expanding entertainment offerings.

Looking at the Rokid MR Glasses

The Rokid Vision 2 MR glasses announced at Rokid Open Day are binocular MR glasses with a 40-degree field-of-view, dual-direction speakers, and microphones for hands-free voice controls, according to a release shared with ARPost. The release did not include a projected price or release date.

All of these hardware specifications are in keeping with the original Rokid Vision, which launched in 2019. Like the original Vision, Vision 2 also promises to be hardware-agnostic in terms of compatibility with PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Rokid Vision 2 MR glasses

The MR glasses interface with computing devices by generating virtual screens for the user to interact with. This makes them versatile for industry as well as entertainment applications.

New Apps and Software Updates

While virtual screens make up most of the interface with other devices, there is an app marketplace for the Vision series that utilize more intensive spatial technology and provide more immersive experiences. A number of applications developed by Rokid specifically for Vision 2 were announced at the event, along with system-wide software updates.

In the time between Vision and Vision 2 MR glasses, Rokid developed new SDKs including expanded visual engine tools and resources for developing in stereo. As Rokid plans to expand its market, its app development ecosystem based on Android and Unity becomes increasingly important.

Rokid Open Day Vision 2 MR glasses

That’s not to say that there are no apps currently on the marketplace. In fact, the release included the announcement of new experiences and tools.

  • Fantasy World is an immersive space that users navigate with voice commands, and head and gesture controls.
  • Holographic Cinema helps to improve the virtual screen experience for 2D videos, as well as 3D and 360-degree videos.
  • Virtual City is an immersive space that shows off Rokid Vision’s 6-degree-of-freedom simultaneous location and mapping technology using a single RGB camera.

Space in the Market

Rokid’s Vision 2 MR glasses offer increased offerings for entertainment – a market that is underserved in the AR and MR markets. However, the versatile nature of the glasses also makes them useful in some enterprise applications. With a growing app marketplace, the glasses are edging in as significant competitors in the mobile-based entertainment XR space.

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