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Yaw2 Ushers in the Next Generation of Virtual Reality Gaming

Yaw2 has surpassed $1M on its Kickstarter campaign, exceeding its initial funding goal of $100,000.


Yaw VR is taking virtual reality gaming to a whole new level with its next-generation motion simulator—Yaw2. It’s the company’s most compact and affordable VR motion simulator. Also, it has the highest motion range by far.

Merely a week from launching its Kickstarter campaign, Yaw VR surpassed its initial funding goal of $100,000. It’s raised more than $1 million in crowdfunding with a few more weeks to spare.

Next-Generation Virtual Reality Gaming

Yaw2 gives gamers realistic virtual reality experiences without sacrificing comfort. It has a 40-degree roll motion range, while it has a 70-degree pitch motion range. By adding the Yaw Platform, gamers can enjoy a full 360-degree rotation.

virtual reality gaming yaw2 chair

The Yaw Platform is an optional module. When added to your Yaw2 simulator, it unlocks the rotational movement.

After its successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018, Yaw VR was able to identify the most indispensable features and functionalities for motion simulation. Comfort, foldable gaming plate, and hassle-free setup were some of the factors that have been carried over to the Yaw2.

The Yaw VR Game Engine 2.0 is a free tool, which you can use to connect games to your simulator. From there, you can adjust everything, from LED lights and motion compensation to axes and vibration.

Aside from these, Yaw2 is equipped with advanced features that improve the virtual gaming experience. This includes ultra-low latency, high motion speed, powerful motors, built-in vibration, and gameplay time tracker.

Moreover, Yaw VR added new features for the Pro version, such as a 3.5mm jack and a USB hub. It also has Buttkicker mounting support and a 110/220 V outlet.

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Since Yaw2 operates independently from VR headsets, it is compatible with major VR headsets such as Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift-S, HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Pro, Valve Index, PSVR, Windows Mixed Reality headsets and Pimax.

Can Virtual Reality Gaming Be Affordable?

The cost of virtual reality equipment has dropped significantly over the years due to advances in technology. However, most of them are expensive for the average consumer.

Still, Yaw2 brings us a step closer to affordable virtual reality gaming experiences, as its lowest funding tier costs a reasonable $1,090. However, the base pledge only comes with the base equipment. It includes the Yaw2 motion simulator and smart chair, excluding the seat.

For $1,470, you get the Yaw2 motion simulator, the smart chair (again without the seat), and Yaw Platform for Yaw2.  The seat is available as an add-on for $100.

However, since the seat is replaceable, if you have a particular seat that you find more comfortable, you can attach it to the simulator. Its platform is compatible with most flat-bottom office and gaming seats.

yaw2 virtual reality gaming

Perhaps the best thing about the Yaw2 simulator is that it’s suitable for home and work use too. It has a wide ergonomic desk, which fits a laptop, keyboard, and mouse.

Its chair features posture correcting assistance. That means it automatically adjusts the chair to an ideal position to keep the muscles and joints healthy.

As mentioned, it also comes with a built-in timer. Besides keeping track of your game time, you can use it to track your work time and boost productivity.

Yaw2 is the future of virtual reality gaming. This motion simulator is stylish, functional, and somewhat affordable.

Yaw2 will still be on Kickstarter for a few more weeks.

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