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French Eyewear Company Uses Instagram AR Campaign to Launch Innovative Lenses

Using AI, the French company Bollé develops an innovative sports and lifestyle eyewear lens, which consumers can actually try via the Instagram AR campaign.


So far, AR marketing has allowed consumers to try on various products and see how they look wearing these. Bollé, a French sports and lifestyle eyewear manufacturer, takes things further. Their Instagram AR campaign does not only allow users to see how they look wearing their new product line, but also see the world through it.

Why are these sunglasses so special? The company used artificial intelligence to create a unique lens formula, which offers the ultimate high contrast experience. The whole Bollé’s line of sport and lifestyle sunglasses for the Spring/Summer 2021 season will feature this lens technology.

Introducing Volt+: A Lens Created With AI

Bollé specializes in producing cycling helmets, ski goggles and helmets, and sunglasses for various sports – from mountain climbing to water sports. The company takes pride in the high quality of its lenses, which offer optimal protection from UVA/UVB rays and help users see everything with great clarity.

After all, ideal vision is crucial in leisure and competitive sports such as skiing and cycling, where athletes reach high speeds and need to be able to see obstacles from a distance in order to avoid them.

In order to create its new lens, called Volt+, Bollé partnered with HUE.AI and analyzed over 20 million lens formulas. Now that they have found the perfect combination, the company wants to let users see how it works through an innovative Instagram AR campaign.

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What Is Special about Volt+?

According to Bollé, their new lens offers high contrast, enhances all colors and gives the user a better depth perception, without compromising white balance.

dept perception Volt+ lenses

“We’ve set high standards to be the innovation and technology leader in the development and creation of sports performance eyewear and helmets,” said Director of Product and Innovation at Bollé, Tove Fritzell, in a press release. “That sense of discovery will inspire a wide variety of colorful experiences,” added Chris Abbruzzese, Vice President, Trade Marketing for Bollé Brands North America.

Proving How It Works with an Innovative Instagram AR Campaign

Bollé wants to convince users of the unprecedented improvement in their new lens formula in the simplest possible way: by letting them try on the Volt+ range. To do so, they do not have to go to an eyewear store, rather just use their phone.

The company developed an Instagram AR campaign in partnership with M7 Innovations and QReal. The “try on and try out” campaign encourages users to see the world around them through the Volt+ lenses.

A Repeated Partnership for Success

The latest Instagram AR campaign, called Rediscover Earth, is not the first collaboration between Bollé, the creative firm M7 Innovations and AR developer QReal. In 2020, they created another AR campaign, which offered users a safe, touchless and realistic shopping experience for customers.

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Bolle Instagram AR Campaign Launch Volt+ Lenses

Its success prompted Bollé to collaborate with its creative and technology partners of choice once again for the new Instagram AR campaign.

“Bollé has truly established itself as an innovative, dynamic brand by using advanced tech like AI and AR. While many brands took an unfortunate hit due to the pandemic, Bollé saw an opportunity to pivot and stay connected through fun, engaging AR campaigns that saw almost an 18 second dwell time, which is impressive,” said the founder of M7 Innovations, Matt Maher. “And now with AI, they have created a superior lens technology that users can experience through the company’s third AR campaign, demonstrating the value, success, and power of using these innovative technologies.”

If you want to try Volt+ AI-designed lenses, follow this link on a mobile phone, or scan the QR code below.

volt+ lenses QR code Instagram AR campaign

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