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XpertVR Offers Free Webinars on Using VR in Education

The Canadian startup invites all kinds of university staff, including working PhD students, to attend the free webinars on the use of VR in education.


Virtual reality has spread in almost all aspects of our lives. There are many businesses that use it for product design, architectural design, and big data visualization. There are also increasing applications of VR in education and training. In this context, a startup based in Ontario, Canada, XpertVR, has announced a series of free webinars on the topic of how to use VR in education.

Training on How to Use VR in Education

XpertVR works on projects aimed at accelerating e-learning and research by using immersive technologies. They understand that VR in education can be effective only if the educational staff knows how to use it and leverage its benefits.

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For this purpose, they are offering all kinds of university staff the chance to attend a series of free webinars focused on the use of VR in education. The first webinar of the three-part series starts today, June 16, at 11 am EST, and is titled “How to Conduct Research Studies in Virtual Reality?”.

What Topics Will the Webinars Cover?

In the first webinar, the XpertVR webinar will cover the topic of when to use VR for research, present some research use cases, as well as available hardware and software. The webinar will also showcase the benefits of remote academic research work, in the current global pandemic context. The presenters will also support their arguments with examples of real-life research studies already completed in a virtual environment.

This approach will help both teaching staff and students working on their own thesis papers understand the advantages of modern technology. They will hopefully be encouraged to adapt to a new way of learning, teaching, and conducting research.

The second webinar, titled “How to Integrate VR into your e-Learning Strategy”, will take place in July, and the third webinar “How Education Will Evolve Over the Next 10 Years” will take place in July and August.

Who Will Benefit from This Series of Webinars?

The free webinars on the use of VR in education are open to all kinds of academic staff – deans, professors, researchers, and working PhD students.

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In a larger sense, future generations of students will also benefit from the accelerated adoption of VR teaching and research techniques. Collaboration between teams of researchers will no longer be limited by geographical distances and language barriers. Thus, the entire world stands to benefit from the use of the latest technologies in training professionals in various fields of industry and research.

Difficult Times Encourage Creative Problem Solving

The presenter of the first webinar in the 3-month series will be Evan Sitler, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of XpertVR.

“The ongoing pandemic has made us rethink who we live and work,” said Sitler, explaining the idea of creating the series of webinars on the use of VR in education.  “With many research activities getting postponed due to lab/university closures, it is the time to adapt to new technologies such as VR that can provide ample opportunities for educators, researchers, and professors around the world to conduct research studies.”

If you are eligible and interested in attending the free webinars, you can register here.


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