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Best AR/VR Certifications to Kickstart Your Career in 2021

Get one of these AR/VR certifications and your future in one of the most fast-paced industries is assured.


For many of our readers, AR and VR are not just personal interests. They want to learn how to create immersive experiences and enjoy a rewarding career in this industry. We are here to offer helpful advice and information to anyone – business people, gamers, developers, and content creators. Thus, we decided to help you start your career by choosing one of the most desirable AR/VR certificates you can obtain.

Basic Prerequisites Before Getting Your AR/VR Certifications

We want to start by saying that these are not entry-level certifications. You need to have a solid education and experience in coding and in various other ancillary fields before attempting to pass the exams for these certifications.

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For each of these certifications, we will include the prerequisites specified by the certifying organization. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Unity VR Developer

Organization: Unity

Unity is one of the most popular and powerful engines for creating VR games. The Unity organization is keen on training and certifying professionals who will put their tool to the best possible use.

Their VR Developer certification is, therefore, one of the best AR/VR certifications you can obtain if you are passionate about creating immersive games. Before you take the exam, you need to:

  • Pass the Unity Certified User: Programmer exam
  • Have a working knowledge of designing and developing VR experiences
  • Understand spatial audio in VR
  • Understand the role of scale in a VR project.

Before you take the exam, you can use the Unity Learn platform for practice. It contains over 750 hours of learning content, available for free. You can also download a sample list of exam questions.

2. Professional Certificate in AR/VR Development and 3D Graphics

Organization: Tandon School of Engineering, NY University

If you are interested in comprehensive AR/VR certifications that will open you several career paths, this one is for you. The Tandon School of Engineering at NY University offers an online course followed by a certification exam in XR technologies.

The certification is suitable for:

  • Software engineers and developers;
  • UX/XR developers;
  • Game developers;
  • 3D artists;
  • Technical artists and creative developers.

The basic prerequisite for aiming for this certification is a computer science degree or equivalent.

3. Certified AR Expert

Organization: Global Tech Council

For those who want to focus on augmented reality, Certified AR Expert is one of the best AR/VR certifications currently available. The courseware covers all the aspects you need to learn in order to become an expert:

  • Display;
  • Tracking;
  • Interaction;
  • Vision;
  • Visualization;
  • Modeling;
  • Use cases.

By comparison to other certifications, for this one, you have 3 attempts to take the exam, if you fail the first time.

4. Certified VR Expert

Organization: Global Tech Council

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You can validate your expertise in the virtual reality field and earn a lifetime valid certification by attending this course. Among other things, this course’s modules cover:

  • 3D graphics;
  • Mapping;
  • Human factor;
  • VR hardware and software;
  • Advantages and VR use cases;
  • Prerequisites of VR.

Just like in the case of the AR expert certification, you have 3 attempts to pass the exam.

5. Professional Certificate in Unreal Engine Foundations

Organization: Rochester Institute of Technology via

We end our list of AR/VR certifications with this online, self-paced course followed by certification in Unreal Engine Foundations. This is a great choice if you are already working and wish to expand your skills, while continuing to do your job.

A computer science degree and some knowledge of physics are required before taking this course and attempting the certification exam.


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