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5 AR Games You Should Play in 2021

Get your smartphones ready for action, because we have some cool AR games lined up for you to try.


Some people enjoy interactive games that do not isolate them from the real world. So, we looked at the best and most popular AR games you should play this year. We considered all the kinds of games our readers may enjoy and tried to make a good compilation that will satisfy everyone.

AR Games Turn the Outside World Into a New Space

AR games became super popular after the launch of Pokémon Go. The idea of finding virtual tokens and characters by pointing the phone camera to a specific space in the real world attracted people of all ages.

Thus, location-based games diversified, and currently, they represent a staple among the most popular AR games in 2021. Let’s take a look at the ones we believe you will like best.


Platform: Android and iOS

AR games in 2021 - AR game is a first-person shooter game that uses augmented reality to turn large outdoor spaces into battlegrounds. You and your friends will be divided into various factions and trying to gain control of the battleground.

In order to play this game, however, you need to purchase a laser tag device called Inceptor. The role of this game is to make the game fair for everyone. All the players will enjoy the same shooting range and game speed, irrespective of the make and model of their smartphones.

On cold and rainy days, you can also play indoors, using one of the four available weapons and proving who the best shooter among your friends is.

2. SolAR – AR Solar System

Platform: iOS

We are including this iOS-only education AR game in our list of the best AR games in 2021 because it offers a fun and interactive way of exploring the planets in our solar system. You can bring Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and the other planets in your room or in your back yards and walk on them, learning exciting information about each one.

SolAR is available for various Apple devices, not only iPhones. You can also use your Mac laptop or iPad.

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3. Zombies, Run!

Platform: Android and iOS

A morning jog is a perfect start to a productive day. With Zombies, Run! on our list of top AR games you should play this year, your morning run will not be just healthy, but also filled with adrenaline.

As you get plunged into a zombie-infested world, you have to run away from them and pick up various items along the road. These items will help you survive and win the game. There is music and a motivational speech in the background to keep you alert and ready to face all the challenges. Thus, you will never jog alone from now on, but away from the zombies.

4. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Platforms: Android and iOS

AR games in 2021 - harry potter wizards unite AR game

The world of J.K. Rowling’s books has captivated a generation of children and now it is becoming an adults’ favorite as well. Wizards, spells, fantastic beasts – all these are packed in the game by the creators of Pokémon Go.

You will also get your daily fitness dose playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite because you have to go outside, turn your GPS on, and find the beasts hiding behind corners before they attack you.

5. Temple Treasure Hunt

Platform: Android

Nothing beats an exciting hunt for a hidden treasure. So we conclude our list of the AR games you should try in 2021 with Temple Treasure Hunt. What makes it different from other games with the same theme is that you can choose to be the hunter or the protector of the treasure. As the protector, you have to create obstacles that will slow down or confuse the hunters, using the game’s interactive map.

The game works both indoors and outdoors, so it is the kind of fun you can enjoy all year round.

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