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5 VR Apps for Exploring the World

Travel anywhere from your sofa with these amazing VR apps.


Since the spring of 2020, we have learned that all our vacation plans can be delayed indefinitely. Also, there are places that we can only dream of visiting. Now, thanks to VR apps for exploring the world, traveling to the most distant landmarks is possible for anyone. You only need a VR headset and the time to sit back and immerse yourself in new worlds.

Why Explore the World With VR Apps?

Many people are unable to reach all their bucket list destinations in real life. From financial constraints to specific family circumstances, their area of exploration is limited. This is why many organizations worked to develop various VR experiences for exploring the world.

They want to give everyone the chance to discover the natural beauty of our planet, as well as the many civilizations sharing it. We believe that everyone should try this experience at least once. It is a chance to realize how beautiful and diverse our planet is, and why we should do our best to preserve it for future generations.

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So, here are some of the best  VR apps and experiences for traveling around the world you should try:

1. Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR is one of the most detailed and comprehensive VR exploration experiences for anyone. All the areas of the globe mapped by Google cars are now available in the VR app. For cities, the experience is even more immersive as it is coupled with Street View images.

Just pick your destination, and within seconds you are there. From the pyramids of Egypt to the thriving street life in major capitals across the globe, or remote mountain areas, you can fulfill your entire bucket list in VR.

2. Everest VR

So many of us dream of reaching the highest peak and shout, like Jack in the movie Titanic: “I am the king of the world!” Unfortunately, climbing Mount Everest is reserved for a few dedicated professionals, who spend years training before making their attempt.

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However, among other VR apps dedicated to exploring our world, we now have Everest VR – a realistic and immersive experience that makes you feel like you are really there. You will experience what it takes to climb the highest mountain on the planet and understand the monumental efforts the select few have to make before they reach the peak.

3. theBlu

From the highest peak on Earth, let us dive to the depths of the ocean. theBlu is one of those VR experiences that reminds us that we only know about 5% of the flora and fauna below the shimmering surface of the oceans.

5 VR Apps for Exploring the World

By exploring various natural habitats and meeting majestic ocean dwellers, you will understand why it is so important to protect them from extinction by maintaining a healthy and clean environment for them.

4. National Geographic VR

The National Geographic Society is one of the oldest organizations that promote learning about the entire world we live in. The VR app they developed offers anyone the chance to see endangered species in their natural environment, dive into the deepest oceans, or discover the richness of South Americas’ native civilizations.

National Geographic VR app

Some users have recently been experiencing some errors, so if you happen to be one of them, you can also give the National Geographic Explore VR experience a try. Developed by Force Field Entertainment (acquired by Vertigo Games), the experience lets you step into the shoes of a National Geographic explorer and visit Antarctica and Machu Picchu.

5. Qantas VR

We end our list of VR experiences for exploring the world with an app that only covers Australia. We believe it is worth trying, as it is the only one covering all the key landmarks from Down Under, including the sacred site of Uluru.

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Upon request from the Australian authorities, images of the Uluru climb were taken down from Google Maps after the climb was banned in 2019. So, Qantas VR seems like a good option for exploring Uluru as, according to their website, their footage “captures a rare glimpse of one of the most recognizable natural rock formations in the world.”

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