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SenseGlove Nova Begins Shipping Worldwide

We look at the SenseGlove Nova and its updates since the prototype launch.


SenseGlove, one of the premier manufacturers of haptic and tracking gloves for XR and robotics, announced Wednesday, October 13, that the newest model – SenseGlove Nova – is now shipping worldwide. Here, we’ll take a quick look at the company and a deep dive into everything we know about the new model.

Meet SenseGlove

SenseGlove is based in the Netherlands, but the company’s haptic gloves are sold worldwide. The gloves use a combination of force and “vibrotactile feedback” to replicate the feeling of objects and impacts on the user.

SenseGlove Nova

The force feedback comes from an exoskeleton that provides resistance to the user’s hand to replicate the resistance that your hand would feel from a physical object. The vibrotactile feedback works similarly but is smaller for smaller sensations. Think of the force feedback as another hand holding yours and vibrotactile as someone poking an area of your hand.

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There are two major product lines, the DK1 and Nova. The DK1 line is specifically for VR research, while the Nova – a prototype of which debuted at CES 2021, is meant for enterprise application. However, the Nova shipping now is not the same Nova that we saw at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The New-and-Improved Nova

The SenseGlove Nova is now made with new, injection-molded, antibacterial materials that make the current model more comfortable and durable than the prototype. The glove also separates from the electronic components and exoskeleton for safe and easy washing. Nova also comes in three different sizes to accommodate different user body types.

SenseGlove Nova 2

“The usability of the gloves is as important as their technical features, as it delivers natural interaction and allows the ability to scale up the training process, which is why the SenseGlove Nova is lightweight, wireless, compatible with standalone headsets, and easy to put on and remove,” CEO Gijs den Butter said in a release shared with ARPost.

Nova retails for $5,000 per pair, though there is a discount for bulk orders of ten or more gloves. Each kit comes with a user manual, two gloves, chargers, mounts, and tools to install additional trackers. This last step is necessary for users using Nova paired with an HTC or Oculus headset, though the gloves work out-of-the-box with the Pico Neo series.

SenseGlove Nova Packaging

The SenseGlove Nova can be ordered from the company website.

Better Haptics Now, Better Haptics Tomorrow

“Easy-to-use and accessible haptic gloves represent a huge step forward for the VR training industry,” said den Butter.

Immersive technology promises immersion. And, we’re getting there when it comes to optics and audio. Unfortunately, haptics and controls are a step behind. Quality gloves at an affordable price point for research and industry are a huge benefit to all of us – no matter how we use XR.


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