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Meet The Forge: A Metaverse XR Studio System by Prox & Reverie

UK-based Prox and Reverie recently launched metaverse XR studio system The Forge.


A new XR studio system is aiming to revolutionize the entertainment industry. Prox & Reverie recently launched The Forge, a purpose-built metaverse studio system. This revolutionary system enables creators to harness the power of immersive technologies and unlock the vast possibilities of virtual production.

Prox and Reverie: One XR Studio to Rule Them All

Founded by Martin Taylor, a renowned XR innovator, and Alistair Maclean-Clark, a former Disney’s Director of European Production, UK-based Prox & Reverie is fast becoming the go-to extended reality studio for producers and creators. It provides complete services to creatives and brings together all the tools and platforms they need in one XR studio.

XR studio The Forge - Prox & Reverie

Established in 2019, Prox & Reverie has continually sought to enhance the design experience by incorporating the latest technologies into innovative studio systems. It allows creators to unleash their creativity and explore vast possibilities. It also lets them create immersive entertainment like no other. This year, it brings virtual production to another level with its cutting-edge XR studio system in the UK, The Forge.

Forging Ahead Into the Future

The Forge leverages the power of XR technology. It brings studio production into the future by harnessing the immersive aspects of mixed reality.

This studio system contains the latest interactive production tools, such as Oculus, Manus, Vive, Faceware, Varjo, and Xsens motion capture. Moreover, it combines multiple technologies that enable the creation of photorealistic fictional realities in immersive previs, music videos, installations, visualizations, and interactive XR events.

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Unlocking the Metaverse

Aside from cutting-edge technologies, The Forge also comes with a 2,000-sq-ft free-roam stage. Additionally, it has a holoportation gateway with a volumetric camera setup. Its modular convergence volume studio design unlocks the power of the metaverse.

Volumetric camera set up in the 'holoportation' gateway - The Forge XR studio
Volumetric camera set up in the ‘holoportation’ gateway

Designed by metaverse portal specialists, The Forge can simulate and fuse together virtual and physical realities. Users can scan and build worlds, create metahumans and avatars, and generate previs and simulations with ease. Real-time engines such as Unity and Unreal enable them to instantly merge digital realities and real-world scenarios in-studio or on-location.

Empowering Content Makers

Virtually all industries have been thrust into an accelerated pace of change in the past couple of years. The entertainment industry is no exception. Content creators must consequently adopt more dynamic and interactive technologies to enhance production capabilities and to meet the evolving needs of their audiences.

This is where Prox & Reverie comes in. According to Martin Taylor, Prox & Reverie is more than just a virtual production studio. It exists to empower content makers to push boundaries, explore XR content ideas, and deliver one-of-a-kind immersive experiences to their audience. With The Forge, creators can now harness the full potential of XR technology.

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