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Assemblr Launches New Web-Based AR Creator

The new web-based AR creator offers improved performance and new additions to the standard libraries, as well as a user-friendly interface.


This September, Assemblr, a platform for creating and sharing AR experiences, launched an innovative web-based AR player. The company is now back with more news, this time for developers of immersive experiences. Assemblr has now launched a web-based AR creator, Assemblr Studio Web, which will replace the desktop-based version. Assemblr Studio Web will allow content creators to enjoy all the latest improvements of the suite with a new, user-friendly interface.

Good-Bye Desktop Version, Welcome Web-Based AR Creator Studio

Assemblr first announced its decision to retire the desktop-based AR creator suite on Twitter on November 4 and hinted at better things to come. Now, developers and AR content creators have their answer: a new and improved Assemblr Studio Web is now available, and allows users to sign up using Facebook or Apple account, or email address, and start working on their projects.

web-based AR creator Assemblr Studio Web Login Screen 2

Hasbi Asyadiq, the CEO of Assemblr, listed the key reasons for making this change: accessibility, performance, and simplicity.

The main issue with the desktop version of the Assemblr AR creator was the minimum system requirements. The suite required a high-end computer with very advanced specifications. While big game developing firms have no problem with this issue, individual designers and other content creators were basically barred from using Assemblr Studio Desktop.

“We see that a lot of our users come from the educational sector, and most of them, [which are] teachers, don’t have high-spec laptops. That’s why we need to find a solution for this, so any laptop or PC—doesn’t necessarily have to be high-end ones—can operate on it,” explained Asyadiq in a press release shared with ARPost.

What Is New in Assemblr Studio Web?

The biggest benefit of using Assemblr Studio Web is that all users can use this creation tool, irrespective of the type of computer they have. The new web-based version removes the need to work on a powerful and expensive computer.

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Also, the web-based AR creator is an improved version of the desktop version. Among the new features and benefits users will enjoy, we note:

  • Superior performance;
  • Simpler, more intuitive user interface;
  • Improved user experience’
  • Ease of access.

Also, the 3D library of objects now features bigger thumbnails, allowing users to have a clearer preview of the item they wish to select.

Assemblr Studio Web web-based AR creator - library

The Web-Based AR Creator Studio – a Growing Trend

Cloud-based software solutions or software as a service (SaaS) have been on the market for a while. And, judging by the growing number of companies that abandon the desktop-based software model in favor of web-based tools, this is a growing trend that will endure.

Content creators are everywhere and each of them can contribute to the world. By having access to a powerful web-based AR creator, they can compete with bigger firms, and create quality products. Once the limitations imposed by software in terms of system requirements disappear, everyone can unleash their creativity and talent.

Assemblr Studio Web - web-based AR creator

“We hope it can be a simpler and more accessible technology for everyone; it bridges the gap between us and our users, so they won’t experience the same problem in the future,” said Asyadiq. “Everyone can create projects simply from the browser without having to download or install any applications.” 


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