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Air Guitar VR Game Unplugged Gets First “Riff Pack” With Tracks From Slayer, Gossip, Muse, and Rob Zombie

A popular air guitar VR game will soon offer players its first Riff Pack, including four new tracks.


Air guitarists, get your VR headsets ready because you are about to rock! On April 14, Vertigo Games and Anotherway are launching the first “Riff Pack” with tracks by top rock legends for their popular air guitar VR game Unplugged. Slayer, Rob Zombie, Gossip, and, Muse will have some of their top hits featured in the Riff Pack for players to practice.

How the Air Guitar VR Game Works

After decades of pretending to play the guitar (including various air guitar contests across the world), immersive technologies let music fans experience the feeling of playing guitar for real. Using hand tracking technology, the VR game Unplugged allows players to pretend that they join their favorite bands as their leading or bass guitarist.

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It is not just a game of pretending to play guitar. The player is actually immersed in a virtual rock concert, facing the crowd and demonstrating their guitar skills. The more they play, they manage to unlock new concert venues and new songs. The air guitar VR game also has a competitive side: players are pitted against each other on the road to virtual superstardom.

A Virtual Game That Explores the History of Rock Music

Unplugged is more than just fun. Exploring the air guitar VR game takes players through all five decades of rock music, starting with the earliest hits, allowing the players to understand the evolution of their favorite music genre, and its milestones.

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The full setlist of Unplugged, together with four new Riff Pack tracks, also reflects the rich variety of rock music throughout rock history.

New Songs Players Can Try in the Air Guitar VR Game

The current setlist includes more than 20 tracks, such as “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash, “Flying High Again” by Ozzy Osbourne, “Eyes Of a Panther” by Steel Panther, and “The Kids Aren’t Alright” by The Offspring, among others.

The Riff Pack, which is coming on April 14, consists of four tracks: “South of Heaven” by Slayer, “Won’t Stand Down” by Muse, “Crow Killer Blues” by Rob Zombie, and “Standing In The Way Of Control” by Gossip. The expanded musical library of the VR game will now be compiled of 28 tracks.

Unplugged Setlist

Supported Devices and Platforms

The Unplugged air guitar VR game is available for Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, and PCVR. However, PCVR systems require Valve Index Controller compatible headsets.

The Riff Pack setlist will be available for downloading on the Meta Quest and Steam storefronts for a suggested retail price of €/$ 5,99.


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