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Accelerating Digital Transformation With A Powerful Combination of Virtual Training Solutions From Matterport and CGS

CGS TeamworkAR platform utilizes Matterport digital twins to augment virtual training solutions.


Two industry leaders have combined their cutting-edge technologies to deliver powerful virtual training solutions to global enterprises. The partnership between Matterport and CGS is expected to propel the digital transformation initiatives of Fortune 500 companies.

Expertise in Providing Innovative Learning and Development Solutions

CGS is a global provider of robust solutions that help enterprises develop a solid foundation for future growth. For almost four decades now, it has been delivering enterprise learning, business applications, and outsourcing services to large multinational corporations, including Microsoft, McDonald’s, Maersk, and Toshiba.

Among the comprehensive solutions CGS offers for learning and development are custom onboarding programs, compliance training, virtual training solutions, and leadership development at all levels. These learning solutions are tailored to support each client’s specific needs and unique company culture. Their scalability and flexibility address complexities and enable clients to meet their digital transformation goals.

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The Standard for 3D Space Capture 

Leading the industry in the digitization of the built world, Matterport has set a high standard for capturing spatial data to create truly immersive 3D models. Its state-of-the-art platform transforms any space into a digital twin with highly accurate dimensions and photorealistic elements.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Matterport digital twin platform provides unparalleled user experiences within interactive virtual environments. Its applications are vast, enabling various industries to drive their business into the digital age using augmented reality, AI, and other technologies.

The digital twins enhance collaboration among distributed teams, simplify learning and training processes, and boost customer engagement. Along with proprietary cloud technology, they deliver secure, efficient solutions that support digital transformations of any scale.

CGS TeamworkAR™ and Matterport Digital Twins Enhance Virtual Training Solutions

Matterport and CGS - virtual training solutionsCGS and Matterport collaborate to combine their expertise and proprietary technologies to deliver augmented and virtual reality training solutions for the world’s largest enterprises. By merging CGS’s TeamworkAR™ corporate training solutions and Matterport’s digital twin platform, the two companies bring real-time digital transformation to onboarding, learning, on-the-job training, and support for business enterprises worldwide.

“Enabling virtual training and remote project management is a natural extension of the power of our digital twins which are changing the way companies operate,” said Conway Chen, Vice President of Business Development and Alliances at Matterport, in a press release.

By using the SDKs and APIs of Matterport’s digital twins, CGS TeamworkAR™ is now able to bridge gaps in virtual training. With the combined technologies, businesses can train workers remotely in an accurate digital replica of their work environment.

The immersive 3D platform facilitates better knowledge transfer and improves retention by making learning more experiential. It also enables real-time remote collaboration and virtual support for front-line workers. Most importantly, it allows custom content creation, so virtual training solutions are perfectly tailored to the needs of every enterprise client.

Virtual training solutions - Matterport and CGS partnership

Through TeamworkAR™, companies can accelerate their training procedures while reducing on-premise training costs. They are able to move their workforce from a virtual training environment to their physical workplace within days instead of weeks. Moreover, the improved quality of training results in greater work efficiency and increased productivity. Indeed, this innovative solution brings immense business value along with the technological efficiencies it offers.

Agile Virtual Training Solutions Boost Digital Transformations

As the workforce becomes increasingly global, companies must implement ways to effectively manage distributed teams. Deploying agile virtual training solutions is one way to do this.

“TeamworkAR together with Matterport digital twins enables customers to create more effective and efficient training that minimizes frontline worker downtime and increases capacity,” said Doug Stephen, President of Enterprise Learning Division at CGS. “This solution supports our customers in their digital transformation journey, which is now more critical than ever during a global workforce shortage.”

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