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Wellstar and Moth+Flame Give Leadership Training a Virtual Reality Boost

Virtual reality enhances leadership training program of Wellstar Health System.


Leaders in the healthcare industry recently got a taste of a groundbreaking leadership training program powered by virtual reality. Partnering with VR communication technology developer Moth+Flame, Wellstar Health System and Wellstar’s digital health and innovation center, Catalyst, introduced a new virtual reality-based training program. The two companies collaborated to give over 100 Wellstar leaders an innovative and exciting training program that focuses on emotional intelligence.

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Emotional intelligence was the focus of the leadership training. Participants received the chance to immerse themselves in virtual reality scenarios designed to help them become better leaders.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders and their teams in the healthcare industry have been faced with difficult changes. The VR-based leadership training aimed to give the participants a better grasp of how to handle emotional situations. Using iPads and headsets, they were able to experience scenarios that allowed them to practice guiding their teams through change.

“By training in a simulated life-like environment, our product offers employees immersive training that helps them feel more confident,” said Kevin Cornish, founder and CEO of Moth+Flame.

Virtual Reality as a Tool for Leadership Development

Many industries, healthcare included, rely on soft skills almost as much as technical skills. For these industries, virtual reality technology is an effective tool to train staff and leaders in providing exceptional service.

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Wellstar believes that VR technology can be one of the most useful instruments that it can implement to further its mission of quality care for its patients and staff.

“Virtual reality and other technologies can open the door for us to take our leadership and team development to the next level,” said Wellstar’s Chief Talent Officer, Laura Dannels, in a press release shared with ARPost. “These outcomes show us what’s possible when we think outside of the box and embrace solutions from across industries.” 

Virtual reality leadership training Wellstar and Moth+Flame

By partnering with Moth+Flame, an award-winning virtual reality technology studio, Wellstar hopes to discover the positive impact of virtual reality in the healthcare industry to develop leaders who are effective, compassionate, and culturally competent.

Because leaders deal with a host of different people in different circumstances, VR is an excellent way to train them to develop critical leadership skills that would otherwise be lost in purely theory-based training.

Effective Learning Using Virtual Reality

Since the pandemic—when the majority of employees worked remotely—technology has been valuable in training and operations. Virtual reality simulations were found to be more effective than traditional methods of learning, according to a study by PwC.

The study found that it was four times faster to train using VR than in a classroom. This saves the company money and time, making VR-based training more cost-effective.

In addition, learners who underwent training with VR were 275% more confident to apply the skills that they’ve learned. Confidence is important, especially in soft skills for leadership, where engaging with other people effectively is crucial. VR training provides a safe space for people to practice their soft skills, without harmful or dangerous repercussions.

Wellstar and Moth+Flame - virtual reality leadership training

What was once an expensive way to train employees is fast becoming the go-to for skills development training. Today, the cost of VR is going down as more industries are adopting the technology for learning and development.

While it should not fully replace traditional classroom learning or even e-learning, the value of VR as a component of employee training, whether for leadership or technical skills, is undeniable.

Collaborating for Change

As industries worldwide recover from the pandemic, more companies are discovering the need to adjust their approach to leadership training. Catalyst by Wellstar‘s collaboration with Moth+Flame is a step closer to making VR-based training the norm in the industry.

With effective tools like VR technology at the forefront of leadership training programs in healthcare, we can look forward to more exciting and fruitful training in the future.


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