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VITURE XR Glasses and HARMAN AudioEFX: A Collaboration Worth Seeing and Hearing

VITURE partners with HARMAN and Layer for cutting-edge XR glasses.


XR glasses are set to take off as the popularity of portable gaming grows. But the functions offered by smart glasses may differ. In the case of VITURE, gaming is the primary focus of VITURE One. VITURE is a digital startup that raised over $3 million in crowdfunding. And with a partnership with the global electronics leader, HARMAN, VITURE One XR glasses is a piece of tech to watch out for.

VITURE One XR Glasses, A Quick Look

At a range of three meters, the VITURE One XR glasses generate a simulated 120-inch television screen. A 5G/WIFI connection lets users stream movies or play games from anywhere, at any time.

VITURE One XR glasses white
VITURE One XR glasses

The XR glasses and the optional Neckband are the two major elements of VITURE One. Their weight of only 78 grams makes them light enough to be worn for hours or even on the move for uninterrupted engagement. They have a controller, an integrated directional speaker, and a prescription lens option. The VITURE One glasses are also the first XR glasses with tint-changing film. Users can easily change the setting of the content with the touch of a button for the best image quality.

VITURE One XR glasses and Neckband matte blue
VITURE One XR glasses and Neckband

The VITURE Neckband enables an entire app ecosystem for consuming content. It weighs 170 grams and has 5G/WIFI connectivity. It has a 3200mAh battery, 2GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage.

VITURE One is compatible with a USB-C device with video output and power supply. Another added feature is an optional Mobile Dock. This links to any HDMI-capable device like a gaming console.

VITURE One XR glasses and Mobile Dock black
VITURE One XR glasses and Mobile Dock

XR Glasses With Amplified Audio

On July 15, VITURE formally announced its partnership with HARMAN. The VITURE One are the first XR glasses designed in their collaboration.

VITURE and HARMAN will collaborate to deliver the best audio system possible. The VITURE One uses AudioEFX tech, a suite of audio post-processing tools. The technology is compatible with Android, Windows, and Linux. It’s best for improving the audio of tiny speakers in portable and multimedia devices.

VITURE One XR glasses man

With AudioEFX, VITURE’s built-in directional speakers can offer an immersive spatial audio experience. Users won’t need any special devices to achieve this. VITURE’s smart system and HARMAN’s advanced algorithms provide a winning sound optimization.

That said, VITURE will also let users pair their preferred headset to the glasses if they want to.

XR Glasses With a Seamless Blend of Form and Function

When VITURE set out to create VITURE One, it had two goals in mind. One was to produce cutting-edge XR tech. The other goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing one. Apart from HARMAN, VITURE also collaborated with Layer to design the glasses. Layer is a renowned design studio whose previous clients include Nike and Google.

VITURE One XR glasses ultimate pack
VITURE One XR glasses ultimate pack

At first sight, the VITURE One look like regular sunglasses. But that’s where their usualness ends. Layer worked closely with the VITURE team to ensure the device’s high quality. Each element of the XR glasses is as compact, intuitive, and efficient as current tech allows. The partnership promises fashionable and functional XR glasses for everyday use. As a result, VITURE One is available in four colorways: Jet Black, Marshmallow, Glossy Indigo, and Matte Indigo.

VITURE One and Vision Accessories

VITURE added two new accessories to its lineup: one is a new prescription lens frame for users with serious visual impairments, and the other is an optional lens shade.

VITURE One XR glasses have rotatable knobs. This lets people with myopia who need glasses up to -5.0D adjust their vision. But this choice doesn’t work with some people with severe astigmatism. Those users can connect their lenses to the XR glasses with the new frame. This makes using the VITURE One less straining to their eyes.

VITURE One XR glasses - lens shade and prescription lens frame
Lens shade and prescription lens frame

The optional lens lets users keep the same level of brightness and contrast at any time of the day.

The VITURE One glasses come in a variety of packs. Pre-orders begin at $479, with shipping starting in December 2022.

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