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XONE: Mobile AR Social Network With a Vision to Become Web3’s TikTok

AR social network XONE aims to become Web 3.0 equivalent of TikTok.


Mobile-first AR social network XONE, created by Auras Studios, stands out with its focus on interactive, user-generated content and musical content. Following the footsteps of TikTok, XONE is projected to showcase explorable AR realms for different fandoms and communities to gather and socialize in the immersive Web 3.0.

What Is XONE?

James Shannon XONE
James Shannon, CEO and co-founder of XONE

XONE is an all-new metaverse project where users can build and share 3D worlds. It mimics the creative experience of decorating a personal space to define unique cultural identities. XONE is envisioned to become the latest iteration of today’s top social media platforms, like TikTok.

“XONE combines familiar features such as likes, comments, discovery, and home feeds with new concepts like immersive worlds and blockchains,” XONE CEO and co-founder, James Shannon, explains. “I started this project two years ago with the goal to create spaces where fandoms and cultural identities could be expressed without limit. Who you are and what you enjoy shouldn’t just be reserved for a shelf in your room or spot in the basement.”

Cloud XONE Launch and Explorable AR Realms

On July 8, 2022, XONE launched its latest drop: Cloud XONE. Each of the 1,650 Cloud XONES depicts a unique, procedurally generated realm and comes with more than 17 distinct traits. Every realm is customizable through XAPP, the dedicated mobile application for XONE. NFT collections can be displayed on picture frames available within the realm.

AR social network XONE - Cloud XONE
Cloud XONE

The Cloud XONE is the second drop of a four-part XONE series from the project. The four realms include Jungle, Cloud, Underwater, and Desert.

Jungle was available for minting on March 14, 2022. It is now sold out at 2500 minted units. Every Jungle holder is granted early access to XAPP and the Community XONE. The platform’s native token, $XONE, was also airdropped to successful Jungle holders.

AR social network - Jungle XONE
Jungle XONE

Underwater and Desert have yet to be released, and XONE users are anticipating their drops. Pieced together, these four realms make up a highly immersive experience within the explorable AR XONE.

Cloud XONE Minting and NFTs: The Future of Commoditization

The project’s primary focus is establishing a safe and inclusive space for creative communities to express themselves and make a profit from their creative endeavors. Every minted Cloud XONE comes with a unique rarity determined by 18 customizable traits. As a XONE iterates the ambiance of a personal space such as a bedroom, users can tweak its design to their preference, like the time of day and digital assets on display.

Every Cloud XONE holder receives airdropped $XONE tokens and exclusive access to the 5th mystery realm- that is if they successfully collect all four announced realms.


Users can hold on to their Cloud XONE and customize it with their 3D collectibles. At the same time, artists can monetize their built XONES.

“Artists will have the ability to create and monetize their own worlds in XONE… These worlds can be rented out to brands, converted into shops, used to host events, or even sold via our marketplace,” said Shannon.

This allows artists to indulge in their creative endeavors while making a sizeable profit. Through customizing and renting out a XONE, which in itself is a non-fungible token (NFT), they invest in the success and experience it introduces to enthusiasts, and commoditize said digital experience.

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NFTs, in short, welcome a new commoditization of digital products, culture, and experiences that will ease the transition from Web2 to Web3. Some of the NFT projects that the AR social network has partnered with include Cryptowalkers, JPunks, and Digital Dogs.

Social Media in Web3

Made for creatives by creatives, XONE is designed to become the future of social spaces. Socialization goes above and beyond sharing likes and comments. At XONE, users can mingle in hangout spaces, attend concerts, and more. It fleshes out the interaction of existing social media platforms through avatars, explorable spaces, and immersive experiences.

XONE app - Cloud XONE and Jungle XONE

To heighten user experience, the AR social network is joining forces with AR glasses manufacturer Nreal. XONE users can expect a full AR experience in the foreseeable future.

Exploring the True Metaverse Through XONE AR Realms

The true metaverse features a seamless interaction between virtual worlds. XONE is one of many metaverse projects that envision becoming a part of a decentralized Internet. The project envisions connecting and interacting with other metaverse projects through its explorable AR realms.

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With artistic freedom and creativity at its core, Shannon aims for XONE to become a first-class utility for interactive design and 3D creation. With customizable XONES available to the public, users can explore their abilities with 3D design and discover an interest in NFTs.

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