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Fun VR Board Games You Can Play With Friends and Family

These VR board games will bring back childhood memories and help you have fun with family and friends.


If you ask your parents, one of their top entertainment activities during rainy weekends or cold winter days was playing board games. You may also have joined them as they tried to continue the family tradition. But now there is an even more exciting way to enjoy these games. VR board games are now the best choice for those days when going out to have fun is not an option.

Why Are Developers Working on VR Board Games?

With all the first-person shooter, dystopia, world-building, and esports titles, why do VR content companies consider board games worth their effort? The answer is because they are fun and involve several players. Plus, they bridge generations, allowing grandparents, parents, and children to enjoy themselves together.

No one ever gets tired of board games, especially those that involve a strategy and collaboration between teams to win. There are also timeless classic games, like chess, which now get the virtual reality treatment and will definitely keep new generations interested to learn the rules and develop their skills.

The Best VR Board Games You Can Play Right Now

After the introduction, let’s get down to business. These are the VR board games you can play with your friends and family right now:

1. Chess Club VR

Chess is probably the oldest board game in the world. Historians traced its roots to 6th century India. Just like the modern version of chess, its ancestor, chaturanga, required an 8×8 grid to play and the game pieces looked similar to the ones used today.

VR board game Chess Club

In the modern era, chess became a competitive sport, with tournaments followed by fans and sizable prizes for winners. Top chess players, like the late Bobby Fischer, are on a par with top athletes and baseball players in terms of fame.

This is why it comes as no surprise that chess is one of the VR board games on our list. Developed for Meta Quest, Chess Club supports both hand tracking and Touch controllers. As for the environments, you can choose between a Grand Palace classic hall and Stonehenge.

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2. Checkers VR

Checkers is another very popular board game. It can be played on a chess board and features black and white round and flat pieces. Each player aims to capture the opponent’s pieces, until only theirs is left on the board. Since many chess players also know checkers, this is our second recommendation for VR board games.

VR board game Checkers VR

Checkers VR takes you back to the Wild West. Your character walks into an old-style tavern, dressed like a typical cowboy, and sits down at a table to play with a friend. The atmosphere is rustic and relaxed, encouraging you to focus and play your best game. It is available on Meta Quest 2, Meta Rift, SteamVR, and Pico.

3. Tsuro – the Game of the Path

Now let us turn toward the exotic side of VR board games. Tsuro is an Asian board game, which involves creating paths with your stone, using various tiles. Your opponents can thwart your stone, putting it on the wrong course or even sending it out of the table.

Tsuro VR board game

In VR, the game takes place in a beautiful and relaxing temple garden. The developers paid special attention to the visuals, creating a serene world where you will enjoy every second. The game is available on Meta Quest and Steam, and supports Touch controllers and hand tracking.

4. Catan VR

One of the most popular board games, Catan is a multiplayer board game for 2-4 people who have to build settlements, roads, and towns, on the island of Catan, by acquiring, trading, and using the available resources carefully.

Catan VR board game

As the last of the VR board games on our list of those currently available, we want to focus on the beautiful visuals. Each player can choose their own avatar mask to represent them in the game – from cat and dog, to fox, wizard, and Viking. Also, you can play on your own against Catan personalities or against other online players you don’t personally know.

VR board game Catan VR

Catan VR is available for Meta Quest, Rift, Go, Samsung Gear VR, Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Microsoft Mixed Reality.

5. Work in Progress: All On Board! VR Platform

All On Board! VR platform promises to bring at least a dozen VR board games to Meta Quest and SteamVR- compatible devices. The team has partnered with some of the most popular board games creators to bring their board games to VR, including Black Rose Wars, Escape the Dark Castle, Sword & Sorcery, and Steamwatchers, along with eight more games that will be available on launch day.

All On Board! is currently in the crowdfunding phase on Kickstarter until August 11. However, it appears to have already exceeded the required funding amount so we hope to see it come true as soon as possible, together with other VR board games.

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