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5 VR Accessories You Need for the Next-Level Immersion

Here are some of the best VR accessories available that make VR experiences more immersive and enjoyable.


Virtual reality is all the rage right now. You need it for some blockchain games, metaverse, or simply if you want to shop at an immersive virtual store. It’s an incredible technology that allows you to experience things that you never could before. However, there are some limitations to VR as it exists currently.

One of the biggest issues is that it can be quite isolating. You’re often completely alone in a virtual world, with no one else around. This can make the experience less immersive and enjoyable.

5 VR Accessories for More Immersive VR Experiences

Thankfully, there are a few VR accessories on the market that can help address this issue. Let’s take a look at some of the best VR accessories available.

1. HTC Vive Tracker

The first accessory that we will take a look at is the HTC Vive Tracker. The Vive Tracker is a small device that you can attach to objects in the real world. This allows you to bring those objects into the virtual world with you.

VR accessories - HTC Vive Tracker

For example, if you have a toy gun, you can attach the Vive Tracker to it and then use it in VR games. This can help make the experience more immersive and fun.

2. Meta Quest 2 Controllers

Another great VR accessory is the Meta Quest 2 Controllers. These controllers allow you to interact with the virtual world in a much more natural way.

Meta Quest 2 Controllers

Instead of using a game controller or keyboard and mouse, you can simply use your hands to interact with your surroundings. This makes the experience much more immersive and realistic.

3. VR Aim Controller

Next, we have the PlayStation VR Aim Wireless Controller. The Wireless Aim Controller is a gun-shaped controller that you can use to play shooting games in VR. Also, it is much more immersive than using a standard game controller.

VR accessories - PlayStation Aim Wireless Controller

The Aim Controller is a great way to add some physicality to the VR experience and make it more enjoyable. It’s an essential accessory for anyone who wants to get the most out of their PlayStation VR.

4. Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery

If you want to take your immersion to the next level, you need the Quest Elite Strap with Battery. This strap not only makes the headset more comfortable to wear but also includes a built-in battery that can extend your playtime by up to two hours.

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With this accessory, you can enjoy your VR headset for even longer. This is definitely a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Meta Quest 2 headset.

Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery

5. bHaptics TactSuit X40 Haptic Vest

The bHaptics TactSuit X40 haptic vest is a vest that you can wear while playing VR games. It includes 40 haptic sensors that provide feedback to your body.

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This feedback makes the experience more immersive and realistic. For instance, if you get shot in a game, you will actually feel the impact of the bullet on your body.

VR accessories - bhaptics tactsuit x40

Summing Up

There are many great VR accessories available on the market. These accessories can help improve immersion and make the experience more enjoyable. The more immersive the experience, the more fun you will have.

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