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Cool VR Arcade Games to Beat the Last of the Summer Heat

Here are four VR games worth the visit to the arcades.


Sure you have your own VR headset, but nothing beats the experience of playing VR arcade games with your gang. The custom-designed hardware and dedicated room-scale space bring the VR game experience to an entirely different level.

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Both physical and virtual environments immerse you in ultrarealistic surroundings and create a multisensory experience. You get to enjoy high-fidelity immersive content and move around without worrying about breaking home furnishings.

Cool VR Arcade Games to Try During the Last Days of Summer

Transformers: Decepticon Invasion VR

Brace yourself for an exciting motion-control ride where you battle it out with Megatron, Starscream, and other Decepticons. This VR arcade game accommodates up to eight players who embark on separate missions to help the Autobots save the world from the evil Decepticons.

VR arcade game - Transformers - Decepticon Invasion VR

This VR arcade game is a collaboration between Future House Studios, Dark Slope, and VRStudios. You can enjoy the drag-out adventure at any of the over 140 locations of Dave and Buster’s.

Top Gun: Maverick

Experience the thrill of flying at warp speed through Dave and Buster’s exclusive VR arcade game Top Gun: Maverick.

Maverick takes you in on a wild flight as he shows off his mad flying skills. Buckle up in the backseat, get weapon systems ready, and keep an eye out for bandits. Be the ace Wizzo for the full five-minute action-packed flight venture.

Sega VR Agent

Is arcade shooting your thing? Sega VR Agent transforms the classic arcade game into a highly immersive experience. The VR system integrates the headset and gun controller for better efficiency and faster throughput.

VR Arcade games - Sega VR Agent

Choose from a range of weapons and master your marksmanship skills. Take down enemies and have a shoot-out with their mastermind. Have young ones with you? Make the game family-friendly by changing military-style battle into robot mode.

VR Agent is available at Tilt Studio at 11 locations. 

Far Cry VR

Dive into insanity in a fully immersive environment as Zero Latency takes you to the exotic Rook Islands of Far Cry 3. Gather up to eight of your squad and fight Vaas and his motley crew of diabolic pirates. Zero Latency’s massive free-roam VR room gives all of you plenty of space to move around as you gun down waves upon waves of enemies.

VR Arcade games - Far Cry VR

While you’re at Zero Latency, you might want to try out investigating zero-gravity space stations in Singularity, chasing for the ultimate power source in Sol Raiders, and surviving in the post-apocalyptic Undead Arena.

VR Arcades: A Great Place to Try the Latest Emerging Technologies

VR arcades give us a venue to enjoy memorable experiences with our friends and family. But aside from this, VR arcades also open opportunities for us to try emerging technologies without having to spend a hefty sum on equipment for a full-dimensional VR setup.

With virtual reality and other related technologies maturing fast, we can expect to see more VR arcade games on the market. Eventually, these would help accelerate the mass adoption of VR, AR, and the metaverse.

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