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VR and Pop Culture Merge at Upcoming FanConXR

FanConXR: Merging VR and pop culture in an unprecedented comic convention.


VR and pop culture unite! The countdown is on for what is touted to be one of the comic fandom’s most unique comic-con experiences this year – the FanConXR.

This unprecedented event is a creative collaboration among three big names in the industry, namely Big Rock Creative (producers of an official Virtual Burning Man Experience), Partikle Digital, and Golden Apple Comics. Producers, designers, creators, and tech experts join forces to create unforgettable experiences using the latest technologies.

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FanConXR Merging VR, Comics, and Pop Culture Using Emerging Technologies

Futuristic technologies are often weaved in storyboards. It can even be surmised that some high-tech gadgets were inspired by out-of-this-world ideas put in pen and ink by comic book creators. Some even seem to have sprung to life straight from comics pages. Today, however, we are set to see a different merger between VR and comics and pop culture.

FanConXR pop culture and VR

To celebrate the comic fandom, FanConXR has been designed and developed with virtual reality at its core. All activities will be hosted exclusively in VR and will be taking place on Saturday, September 24, entirely in the VR world through AltspaceVR, one of the most popular social VR apps today.

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Comic fans from all over the world can join the comics and pop culture convention wherever they are. All they need is to create the account, their own avatar, and have their VR headsets ready.

Interactive Programs, Immersive Experiences

FanConXR will feature interactive programming with panels of guests comprised of seasoned comics creators.

Garth Ennis (The Boys), Brian Buccellato (Chicken Devil), and Brian Hawkins (The Vineyard) are part of the AfterShock Comics panel. Archie Comics will be represented by Dan Parent (Die Kitty Die) and Mike Pellerito. Christopher Priest (Entropy), Blake Northcott (DC’s Catwoman #23), Steve Orlando (String Theory), and Brendan Columbus (Savage Circus) will go online along with other Heavy Metal Comics creators.

comics conferene FanConXR pop culture and VR

Image Comics and Stranger Comics also have their own panels. Attendees will be able to hear from Image Comics’ Pornsak Pichetshote (The Good Asian), Hannah Rose May (Rogues’ Gallery), and Henry Barajas (Helm Greycastle), as well as from Stranger Comics’ Sebastian Jones (Niobe).

There will also be a creator-owned comics panel, featuring Shannon Watters and Branden Boyer-White (Hollow), David Pepose (Savage Avengers), and Kayden Phoenix (A LA BRAVA).

Attendees can expect lively conversations on what’s in store for the future of comics. They will also be able to interact with other guests and exhibitors in immersive virtual worlds.

The Future of Comics is Here

Get your VR headset ready. Experience VR and pop culture in a global convention designed specifically for VR. Admission is free and you can join the event from anywhere in the world.

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