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Hands-On Review of the YOGES Quest 2 Head Strap

An affordable, lightweight, comfortable Quest 2 head strap from YOGES.


When ARPost reviewed VR headset adapters in the past, they were models that added some functionality to the headset – whether that be better audio or longer battery life. But, what if you just want a comfortable, adjustable headset strap for your Quest 2? Those are out there.

Today, we’re looking at the YOGES head strap for the Quest 2.

Connecting to the Quest 2

The box is no mess. The strap itself is pretty durable, so it’s not carefully packed. It does come in two pieces – you have to attach the backrest into the back of the strap yourself, but it just clips in. I’m curious as to why they didn’t do that for you, but it’s not too much of a chore.

YOGES Quest 2 headstrap

The head strap itself is a halo-style strap, similar to the PSVR headset, but with a cloth over-head strap that connects to the faceplate of the Quest 2. There’s also a hinge where the headset connects to the strap so that the fit is a bit more adjustable. Finally, there’s also a hinge on the body of the strap itself, so the whole thing can fold up pretty nicely, despite its size.

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The “brackets” that connect to the headset just slide on, which I thought was a lot easier than other setups that pop over the connections on the Quest 2. It might sound less secure, but the fit is tight, and the pads inside of the YOGES brackets help to keep the contact firm.

I actually wish it was a little less firm. The first time that I was putting on the head strap, I thought that the hinges would allow me to swing the headset up off of my face without taking the headset off completely.

This only worked because the headset wasn’t fit into the brackets all the way. When adjusted properly, the headset is blocked from swinging up by the halo strap. If the brackets had a little more give, I  think I could slide the headset forward, and then flip it up – which would definitely be a winning feature.

Now, with the head strap installed and the headset on, how does it feel?

Wearing the YOGES Head Strap in VR

As far as the fit, YOGES is the most comfortable head strap I’ve ever worn. The dial adjuster in the back is a little clunkier than other models that I’ve used, but it works just fine.

The padding in the front and back of the halo strap is very comfortable, and because the halo has the tension instead of the headset itself, it reduces “goggle face” – that red mark around your eyes that makes it look like you just left a high school chemistry lab.

The biggest problem with the head strap: it’s too light.

Keep in mind, I’m used to the KKCOBVR head strap with a dirty big battery pack on the back. I never paid much heed to people talking about “counterbalanced design,” but I definitely noticed the weight of the Quest 2 on the front of my head without that battery pack in the back of it.

YOGES head strap for Quest 2

But, if you’re moving from a standard Quest 2 strap to the YOGES, you’re not used to that counterweight anyway. So, this is really only a step down if you’re weighing YOGES against a battery pack head strap, which I subconsciously was.

Is It Worth a Buy?

So, it’s time for the classic question: Is it worth the money? YOGES is listed for $46, but that price comes down by almost half for various sales and memberships like a prime subscription. Be aware of that but, for the sake of the article, let’s talk about the list price.

At $46, YOGES comes in about $15 less than the official Quest 2 Elite Strap. And, the Quest 2 Elite Strap is more durable and easier to adjust but it isn’t necessarily that much more comfortable than the standard Quest 2 strap (which is worth replacing).

I’m not here to shill battery packs, but headsets with battery packs can be purchased for a price competitive to YOGES. Not everybody needs a battery pack for their headsets, I just wanted to point that out.

As far as a lightweight, extremely comfortable head strap, I recommend YOGES for the price.

When in Doubt, Swap it Out

So, is YOGES my new go-to Quest 2 head strap? I still like my KKCOBVR head strap. That doesn’t mean that YOGES is consigned to the closet. There’s someone in my house just looking at getting into VR, and I’m sure that she would appreciate a more comfortable, lighter-weight headset. The moral here is that everyone’s needs are different. Shop accordingly.

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