Influencing the Metaverse: The Sandbox and Influential Join Forces to Level Up Brand Experiences

Brands in the metaverse can now engage Influential’s vast network of influencers to create exciting experiences in The Sandbox.


The Sandbox has forged a partnership with Influential to bring influencer marketing into the metaverse. Influential is one of the biggest influencer marketing agencies, with over 3 million creators on its network. The partnership allows brands to tap into this global network and create immersive brand experiences on The Sandbox.

A New Way to Reach Audiences in the Metaverse

Influencer marketing has disrupted the traditional marketing industry. With its focus on peer power instead of celebrity endorsements, influencers have made their mark on many industries. And with this partnership, Web3 opens up more marketing opportunities for brands and creators alike. The collaboration between a prominent marketing agency and a massive 3D virtual universe opens up new marketing channels for brands.

The Sandbox is a decentralized, virtual gaming world where creators can build different types of assets and gaming experiences. Users can then either monetize their content via the Ethereum blockchain or simply share it with others.

The Sandbox metaverse

It uses a no-code platform for creating digital assets and experiences. This is good news for Influential creators, who will undergo training on navigating and using The Sandbox virtual world to create immersive experiences for players. By leveraging these new skills, creators can increase their reach and drive engagement for their communities. It becomes a new way to interact with audiences and build their influence.

Connecting Brands, Creators, and Communities With Immersive Experiences

Both The Sandbox and Influential are excited about the new opportunities this collaboration will bring. While not entirely novel, influencer marketing in Web3 is still largely untapped. Experts predict, however, that influencer marketing in the metaverse will have a huge impact on how brands, creators, and audiences interact with each other.

Influential believes that the metaverse can bring influencer marketing to a higher level of entertainment and engagement. “Consumers and brands are craving immersive experiences with creators,” Influential CEO Ryan Detert said in a press release shared with ARPost.

Unlike influencer marketing on social media, VR delivers more interactive and immersive experiences for consumers. Instead of passively viewing sponsored posts and videos, audiences can participate in games and other VR experiences. This can yield positive sentiment toward brands, and give consumers a chance to interact virtually with products or brand advocates. Brands benefit from a wider reach and increased engagement with their audience.

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These opportunities for influencer marketing in the metaverse are not lost on Detert. He believes that working with The Sandbox is a positive step toward the future of influencer marketing. “We’re delighted to partner with The Sandbox to add another dimension to our offering and help some of the world’s most ambitious brands explore the limitless opportunities in this space as they take their first steps into the metaverse,” he said.

The Metaverse: The Future of Entertainment Culture

Meanwhile, for Mathieu Cervety, The Sandbox’s Ecosystem Partnerships Director, Influential’s entrance into the company’s VR gaming world provides brands with exciting possibilities in the Web3 community. “Influential is in a unique position to help major brands become stronger in the new entertainment culture at the crossroads of gaming, the creator economy, and true digital ownership,” he said.

With influencer marketing reaching a market value of $16.4 billion in 2022, its potential impact on the metaverse is noteworthy. Add to that The Sandbox’s huge network of players and the possibilities for engagement and community-driven experiences are phenomenal.


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