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VITURE One XR Glasses Hit the Market in Style

Highly anticipated VITURE One XR glasses, now available on the market.


Have you been waiting for sleek wearable XR glasses that would look great with any outfit? Your long wait is over. VITURE, the innovative tech startup, has officially launched its highly anticipated product, the VITURE One XR Glasses.

Step into a new realm of immersive entertainment. Get ready to redefine your gaming and streaming experiences with this wearable technology. These cutting-edge XR glasses introduce a new era of immersive mobile extended reality experiences. With the ability to stream and play games anywhere–and in style, VITURE One XR Glasses redefine on-the-go entertainment.

Unleashing Limitless Experiences With VITURE One XR Glasses

Imagine a breathtaking 120-inch virtual screen projecting directly into a stylish pair of sunglasses, transporting you into an unparalleled gaming and streaming adventure. The VITURE One XR Glasses empower you to embark on captivating journeys with a level of immersion that feels truly lifelike.

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The VITURE One XR Glasses immerse users into a captivating gaming or streaming experience. Weighing just 78g, these portable glasses offer a supersized virtual screen without the bulkiness of traditional VR headsets. They provide a private viewing experience, making it ideal for gaming enthusiasts or travelers who want to enjoy streams or games without disturbing others.

Paired with the VITURE One Mobile Dock, these glasses are about to revolutionize the way you engage with virtual worlds. They enable seamless connectivity with devices like the Nintendo Switch and mobile phones. With multiplayer gaming and expanded entertainment options, VITURE empowers you to share unforgettable moments with friends anytime, anywhere.

VITURE One XR glasses and Mobile Dock on a table

The retail price of VITURE One XR Glasses and Mobile Dock is $549 and $159, respectively. But you can nab them for $439 and $129 during the special promotional launch. The Dock Pack is also available at the promo launch price of $568, which is over $100 less than the expected retail price of $708.

Immersive Technology Redefined

The VITURE One XR Glasses incorporate revolutionary technology to provide an unrivaled XR experience. The magic begins with dimmable electrochromic film lenses, allowing you to customize the visual intensity according to your preferences and surroundings. These glasses also feature built-in myopia adjustments, catering to the needs of near-sighted users without compromising on the immersive experience.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the revolutionary reverse sound field audio system developed in collaboration with HARMAN. This advanced audio technology takes you on an auditory journey, surrounding you with spatial sound that breathes life into every virtual world. Combined with strong color calibration, a wide color gamut, and native 3D and 3DoF support, the VITURE One XR Glasses create an all-encompassing sensory experience like never before.

Fashion Meets Immersion

VITURE strives to create a synergy of aesthetics, comfort, and function. That’s why the VITURE One XR Glasses were designed in collaboration with LAYER, a prestigious design studio renowned worldwide. This dynamic partnership has resulted in sleek and stylish eyewear that seamlessly blends fashion with technology.

VITURE One XR glasses beige

Not only do the glasses offer an immersive experience, but they also make a bold fashion statement. These dark-tinted glasses can give your aviators a run for their money when it comes to style. They also prioritize comfort, allowing you to lose yourself in extended gaming or streaming sessions without any unease. Indeed, the VITURE One XR Glasses defy the notion that fashion and immersive experiences are mutually exclusive, proving that you can have it all.

“With portable gaming and entertainment becoming more and more prevalent, we are thrilled to bring the first stylish XR solution to the market that can handle AAA gaming and streaming on the go,” said David Jiang, co-founder and CEO of VITURE, in a press release shared with ARPost. “We’ve already received great feedback from pre-order customers and can’t wait to get VITURE One in more people’s hands to transform the way they experience entertainment.”

Pushing the Boundaries in Wearable XR

As the XR industry continues to evolve, VITURE aims to push the boundaries of what’s possible. As portable gaming and entertainment take center stage, VITURE proudly introduces a stylish XR solution that unlocks the power of AAA gaming and streaming on the go.

VITURE Next Gen AR Glasses streaming

Embark on a journey where virtual worlds come to life, enveloping your senses and unlocking a new dimension of entertainment. The VITURE One XR Glasses are here to redefine the future of gaming and streaming, setting the stage for limitless possibilities in XR wearables. Experience the revolution today and embrace a future where immersion knows no bounds.

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