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Zendesk Partners with SightCall, Incorporates Augmented Reality Technology into Its Platform

Augmented reality technology transforms the customer service experience thanks to a partnership between SightCall and Zendesk.

Last week, augmented reality technology video assistance platform, SightCall, and customer support software platform, Zendesk, have announced their partnership agreement. The two companies will bring together their strengths to offer their customers the next generation help desk and customer service platform.


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A Brand New Approach to Help Desks and Customer Service

By adding augmented reality technology developed by SightCall to its platform of chat and text-based customer support services, Zendesk will give its corporate clients the chance to add value to their services to the end customers.

Malfunction identification and step-by-step troubleshooting will be simpler than ever thanks to augmented reality. The help desk operator, with the customer’s approval and input, will be able to access the back camera of the customer’s smartphone and see the faulty product. The operator will be able to activate the flash of the camera for better lighting of the problem areas and zoom in and out.

Moreover, the operator can even indicate areas where the customer should take action to solve the malfunction, by adding virtual annotations and overlaying them onto the real life image of the product seen through the smartphone camera. These innovative features will greatly improve the quality of customer support services.


Augmented Reality Technology Helps Reinvent the Customer Support Sector

Thomas Cottereau, the CEO of SightCall, explains the key reason behind the decision to join forces with Zendesk: “We’ve made our mission to help companies support their customers better by transforming support centers from complaints departments to solutions departments.”

And augmented reality technology is at the heart of this paradigm shift. The mobile age has changed the way customers view support services. They are less and less willing to go through long form-filling exercises and wait until their support ticket is processed and an operator is assigned to their case.

This is exactly what Zendesk has to offer: a reliable, mobile-friendly platform for companies that want to offer the fastest response time to its customers and a simple, hassle-free problem-solving process.

Now SightCall makes it possible to troubleshoot even more product malfunction cases, helping decrease the average percentage of product returns and increasing customer satisfaction. Thanks to augmented reality technology, companies around the world will be able to add more value to their services and increase the retention rate of their customers.

The SightCall for Zendesk app is available in the Zendesk marketplace and free trials are offered to Zendesk customers.


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